Jingai Musume 76

Wrapping things up
Editors: Sebas Tian, Joker, Speedphoenix

“Geez, Lefi. You went way too far!” The hero crossed her arms and frowned as she scolded the dragon girl. “I can’t believe you burnt down a whole house!”
“Mmrph,” the silver haired girl groaned. “I see not the issue of which you speak. It has only suffered a minor burn. And it is not as if I left my flames to burn. In fact, I daresay that I quelled them rather quickly.”
“Oh I think you did a little more than just ‘quelling’ them,” said Nell. “You basically caused a whole freaking flood! There was so much water that you not only wrecked the house that was on fire, but also destroyed the one next to it! And that one was doing perfectly fine even without your ‘help!’ It wasn’t even anywhere close to getting caught in the flames!”

I returned to the church with the perpetrator in hand, only to catch Lefi and Nell having a conversation that bore a rather strong resemblance to a typical two man Japanese comedy skit.

“…The hell are you two doing?” I almost felt the urge to sigh and roll my eyes as I landed next to them.
“Oh, hi Yuki.” The hero greeted me before getting back to grumbling and complaining. “I think it’s a lot more Lefi than the both of us. I mean, just look at what she’s done!”

I turned my eyes in the direction she was pointing only to end up resting my eyes on a pair of houses—if you could still call them that. Both were more or less completely demolished, with a few minor differences. The first was totally scorched whereas the second looked like the victim of some sort of devastating flood.

“Like, what the heck!?” The human girl crossed her arms and turned back towards the dragon as she continued to rant. “Using fire makes sense, but you really didn’t have to light everything on fire! The house was nowhere near them! You totally could have avoided it!”

I’d expected the hero to be mad, but not at Lefi. She’d been quite mad that I teased her the way I did, but her mood had been overwritten. Every last bit of anger had been redirected towards Lefi and her antics.

“I see not a problem. I used only as much power as necessary to consign the dead to the abyss. My actions were just and therefore the results inevitable.”
“That’s a big fat lie and you know it! I totally heard you say ‘oops’ right when you cast the spell!”

Cornered, Lefi could only avert her gaze; she outright refused to look Nell in the eye. Yeah… I think I pretty much understand what’s happened here now.

A bit of a wry smile crept up on my lips as I continued to watch the two engage in banter, or at least that was the plan.

“Is the man you hold under your arm perhaps one of the imbeciles of which you spoke?” Lefi, however, was out of wiggle room. She didn’t have any other way to dispute Nell’s point and she didn’t exactly find much joy in getting scolded, so she blatantly changed the topic.

“Pretty much, yeah. This asshole’s one of the retards that ruined our happy little getaway.”

I released my grip on the shady looking man and allowed gravity to take over. The result? His face promptly ended up smashing itself into the ground. Despite the rough treatment, the man failed to respond. He was out cold. That said, he likely wouldn’t have been able to right himself even if he wasn’t. The chains he was bound with were quite literally embedded inside his flesh.

Fighting the zombies that the necromancer had summoned had gotten me a bit too excited; I had only accidentally rammed my blade through his gut because I’d let the blood get to my head. Though I didn’t particularly care about the man’s fate, I realized that letting him die wasn’t exactly the best course of action given that he had yet to reveal his motives. He had literally been just a few seconds short of falling into the abyss, so I quickly grabbed a pair of high grade health potions out of my inventory and used both.

Again, I wouldn’t have cared if he died, but the miraculous power within the high grade potions had allowed him to narrowly escape the reaper’s scythe. So effective were the potions that they made his wound seem outright irrelevant. His flesh, bones, and organs all rapidly regenerated right before my eyes. It was like I was watching someone play the whole injury process in reverse. Ew. Actually ew. This is so gross I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say. It’s actually giving me goosebumps.

The reason his chains had been integrated with his flesh was because I’d wrapped them around him mid-recovery. He was likely going to need to have his guts cut open if he wanted them removed. Yeahhhh, no way he’s getting away. In fact, he’s probably going to be stuck with those for life, but oh well, whatever. Not my problem. Besides, it’s at least better than being dead.

“He… appears to be quite the eccentric,” said Lefi as she stared at the chains. Soooo… uhhhh… That’s kinda my doing and not his, Lefi.
“…Is he the perpetrator?” The hero narrowed her eyes.
“One of them. I can say for sure that he’s probably guilty since he used something that seemed more or less like necromancy. Not sure about the guys he had with him. I kinda already killed them.”
“…I see. Then I guess that means you’re why all the undead stopped moving.”
“Did they now?”

The hero quickly explained that the zombies had all stopped moving around the time I defeated the perpetrator. Oh. I guess it must’ve been because I smashed that one suspicious looking magically enhanced item I spotted on my way back over.

Our conversation was soon interrupted by the approach of a noisy crowd. The group, which seemed to be composed of guards and adventurers, was moving down the city’s main street. They held their weapons ready and carefully scrutinized their surroundings as they moved. Their expressions, however, revealed that they were feeling more bewildered than they were tense.

“What the hell is going on here…?”

A man in the group’s vanguard voiced the question that they had all wanted to ask. They had come out ready to fight to the death, only to find that the zombies they were supposed to subjugate had already fallen. They were no longer sure what they were supposed to do or how they were supposed to feel.

“Oh, hey old man,” I address the “soldier” that had let his wonder leak through to the surface. “Wait a second, aren’t you supposed to be this city’s governor? Why are you all the way out here? Seems kinda reckless if you ask me.”
“I couldn’t possibly sit at home while the city is under attack.” The lord replied as he greeted me with a nod. “I’d like to ask you the same question. Why are you here?”
“I’m only here ‘cause Nell’s here,” I said. “Oh yeah. Here. This asshole’s the perp.”

I kicked the shady-looking douchebag and sent him rolling towards the governor.

“I saw him sneaking around just outside town, so I nabbed him. There were a few others, but they’re all dead. Might be a good idea for you to send a few guys over to confirm it for you.”
“…I will have it arranged,” said the governor. “Would you mind if we took the man you have just presented us into custody immediately?”
“Go for it. Not like there’s any reason for me to keep him around,” I said. “The only condition I have is that you guys tell me what he says when he spills the beans.”

I wanted to interrogate the man myself, but I had no experience in making people talk. I wasn’t exactly what one could call a fan of gore, and hitting him until he gave in seemed like more of a pain than it was worth. All I had wanted to do was sit back and enjoy my vacation. The only reason I had gotten involved at all was because I had happened to get caught in the crossfire. It only made sense to have the old man interrogate him in my place. He likely either knew how to do it himself or had just the right person for the job on staff. I doubt he’ll withhold his discoveries, especially since I was the one who caught the bastard in the first place.

“Fine. We do owe you, both for capturing him and for saving the city. I swear that I will tell you anything he says.” The governor looked over the zombies turned corpses as he spoke. He did, however, flash a wry smile and look in my direction as he spotted a certain pair of houses. Bruh, that wasn’t even me!

“Listen up!” The governor turned around and began to address his men. “The threat is no more! However, that doesn’t mean that you’ve the time to lazily sit around and space out. We must immediately shift gears and devote ourselves to reconstructing everything that was destroyed!”

The bewildered soldiers and adventurers, who had been at a loss due to the sudden change in situation, began to cheer in response to the lord’s words. The cheers gradually grew louder as the would be combatants overcame their shock and finished processing everything that had happened. And, before long, the cheers transformed into a deafening roar that echoed throughout the city.


Editor’s note (Joker): Hey, guys! Joker here. Well, color me surprised. I thought that sneaky bastard would’ve had a backup plan, but nah. Luckily, Yuki managed to rein his bloodlust in enough to get someone to interrogate. And you’re full of BS, Yuki. “I wasn’t exactly what one could call a fan of gore…” my ass. You turned 5 people into literal tomato paste and helped expedite the delivery of oxygen to the last guy’s lungs. Bah. Japanese people always being afraid of gore… whooooo, the Nyquil is kickin’ in something fierce. Let’s get to the #AskJoker segment now before I pass out.

Teddy asks: Do you know(or have an opinion on) why Yuki just killed off the necromancers? I know he was pissed and all but it feels lacking in impact if he just kills them and not bring them to court then later on torturing them. Maybe he could have brought the corpse to the dungeon since he has inventory to see what happens to them and how many points they give.

Well, this chapter sure answered that question for me. As for why he killed the other 5, he was mad. And he probably wants to build good relations with the governor, so that’s why he handed over the bodies. It’s not like he really needs the DP, what with Lefi being there.

dicky satira asks: which genre are your favorite tags ? :v

are you vanilla faction or NTR faction !?

and what are the most fked up hentai you ever watch that might scar your ero life ? :3

Genres shall remain a secret to keep this chapter from being flagged NSFW. I’m a hardcore vanilla faction myself. And I did watch an episode of Boku no Pico on a dare once. Needless to say, that person and I aren’t friends anymore.

Teru asks: which one are you part of, the plains or the mountains? XD

Nice, soft, rolling hills. Just right to drive up and over, but not too bad to where I have to break out the 4 wheel drive. Oh, wait… you mean ‘that’. Uh… soft rolling hills. Just right to drive up and over, but not too bad to where I have to break out the 4 wheel drive.

Confusing thingy (@DanPamfiloiu) asks: The Stormcloaks or the Imperial Legion?

Both. It depends on the story I build up for my character that I’m playing as. For example, a proud Nord would be Stormcloak, but an Orc Mercenary would probably be Imperial.

zekkendo asks: Lich: Litch or Lick? I used to think it was one way, then found out it was the other. In my head, I still pronounce it wrong due to habit . . .

This was answered by Yashuul below this post, but it’s still a #AskJoker, so… Litch.

Jehad Al-saidi asks: What do you think is the most twisted MC and also the author in LN ?
May is Story of a Careless Demon did read it?

Hmm. Most twisted MC? I’d have to go with the protag of Arifureta. He’s just too cold for my tastes, even though I know he has every right to be. And no idea on author, sorry. As for if I’ve read that, no I haven’t.

Anonymous Fairy asks: Heyo! Me again! Thanks for responding last time since I am normally the person everyone forgets… Anyways! What is your favorite book in for each genre?

Thanks for the work you put into each chapter! Tell Boss Young’un (is the Boss because he is your boss or just part of the name?) thanks from me as well, if possible.

I’ll reply to anyone who posts a question before Boss Young’un sends us the next one. 😛 So, favorite novels, in order:
Death March
Goblin Slayer
Spice and Wolf

And Boss Young’un is the boss. Nothin’ more, nothin’ less. Does he have every right to fire me if I don’t a good enough job? Yuppers. But am I on a payroll and everything for him? No. But I sure wish I was…

Last but certainly not least, Zehd Cashew asks: That was too easy. Do you think their boss is another cute girl that Yuki won’t kill?

*looks above at the chapter* Hm. Something’s telling me, no not really. But I won’t discount the possibility that one is controlling the strings from the background. I dunno. Haven’t read ahead.

And that’ll do it for this round of #AskJoker. Boy, my vision is starting to split up, so I guess the Nyquil is kicking in. Remember, if you have a question you’d like answered, leave it in the comments with the hashtag #AskJoker and I’ll answer it next time. Or DM on Discord. Either way works. See y’all in the next chap-! Zzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Thanks for the chapter, Oh boy, I wonder how the governor feels, he pretty much now is able to send the equivalent of a tactical nuke to the sumabitch who wrecked his city, I almost pity them.


    1. Um no. No one nuke is abe to do even close to the damage of lefi. Remember what got her the title of supreme dragon. Didnt she take on multiple countrys at once. And that he knows she has a arm of full grown dragons, as she had the circle his town. And as far as he knows yuki may be even worse. So forget tactical nuke more like hundreds of ICBM’s with nuclear payloads.


      1. So it’s more like a larger full missile version of the MIRV from fallout, man I loved that weapon, only with Lefi, there is pretty much no damage to herself. Also there’s Yuki and fluffrir. Just how much power is that in total now?


      2. Even that is still underrating her. Ever heard of Proton Beam Weaponry? Basic sense, you have a stream of protons fired at a high speed till it hits an object. It’s damage equivalent to 2 nukes or more in one go, depending on how much power was put into it’s initial firing stage.

        But if your looking for a video.

        But if your looking for actual damage and where it was used in reality; Research Teleforce, and the Tunguska Event.


  2. Thanks for chapter

    #AskJoker in a RPG what class would you choose from the following :
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  3. #AskJoker

    Are there any LN/WNs you feel are underrated/less-known that you’d like to recommend?

    I’m really enjoying “Common Sense of a Warrior House” and “After the Ending, the Magical Girl Earnestly Hides Her True Identity” (both on Kiriko’s site)

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  4. Thanks for the great chapter. Looking forward to the next.

    I think there’s quite a few similarities between Hajime Nagumo from Arifureta and Yuki. I read Arifureta first and the character similarities was one of the reasons I was drawn to this novel. What do you think of the similarities between the two of them? Are they both seriously twisted?


  5. wait… Boku no pico are categorize as hentai ? o_o) i though it just a yaoi romance , thankfully i havent and wont watch it
    #AskJoker alrighty then, another one ! from all the Dere’s which one did you like most ?
    also, have you watch Otome dori ? and what your comment on that one ? since that is my first ero-scar when im being enlighten with the knowledge of Ero Tags after i known of Hentai 😦

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    1. #AskJoker Me, again… Thanks for doing this whole ask joker thing because a lot of translators and their crew (staff?) are not so communative like this. I also do not feel as bad doing this as consecutive since your last reply so my questions will be quick.

      Do you know the name of the web novel, light novel, or manga the name “Anonymous Fairy” is from? I like using usernames from stuff.

      Chat please do not tell the answer if you know. Please.

      Thanks you for the hard work you and the gang put in!


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