Jingai Musume 77

Editors: Sebas Tian, Joker

The city’s reconstruction progressed with gusto. Apparently, crises like yesterday’s zombie outbreak were common. The guards, adventurers, and citizens alike were already accustomed to bouncing back and rebuilding. In fact, that was exactly what had happened to the two houses that Lefi had wrecked through a mix of flame and water. They had both been demolished and partially rebuilt. Fortunately, we weren’t asked to pay any sort of remuneration despite our direct involvement in their… deconstruction.

And, although I referred to it as reconstruction, that wasn’t exactly what the relevant tasks required. The zombies hadn’t been the direct cause of any sort of architectural destruction. Most of the non-Lefi related damage caused to the city’s infrastructure had arisen from the fires that had been ignited during the assault. Thus, most of the townsfolk had spent their time burying the dead, a task they had finished in under a day.

The evening was thus dedicated to a task that naturally followed the many burials: mourning the dead. Specifically, the town was hosting a festival to honour those that had passed in the incident. Once again, the city was turned into a ball of noise. This time, however, it was filled not with screams, but rather the sounds of people eating, drinking, and laughing the night away.

Lefi and I were in the middle of all the noise. We were situated near the edge of a large plaza, at the centre of which was a warm bonfire. Like just about everyone else, we were eating stuff we’d bought from nearby stalls.

I cast my glance beside me and gazed upon the dragon girl, who just happened to be eating something that looked a lot like grilled squid. Though she was stuffing her face, her charm was clearly conveyed to me nonetheless. She was beautiful, beautiful in such a way that it made me want to describe her as both attractive and mysterious. The way the firelight illuminated her face only made her even more appealing to the eye. Man, seeing her like this almost makes me want to make her wear a Yukata.

“What is it?” Noticing my stare, Lefi turned towards me.
“Nah, it’s nothing.”
“You may regard my food all you wish, but I will allow you none of it.”
“That’s a shame.”

I broke into a wry smile before turning back towards the bonfire. The centre of the plaza was especially lively. There looked to be a group of street performers playing a series of instruments and bringing smiles to the faces of the people around them. Watching the city’s residents enjoy themselves ultimately lifted my own spirits. I couldn’t deny that seeing them make merry like this made me feel as if my actions were well worth it, even though they had stemmed from naught but a petty desire for vengeance. All I’d wanted to do was punch the bitch that messed up our vacation. But it had turned into oh so much more.

I still had yet to find out much more about the incident. That, however, was apparently soon to change. The shady looking asshole I captured was already in the midst of a nice hearty round of interrogation, and it didn’t seem like it would take all that long for him to spill the beans. My condolences, Shady, my condolences. I know you’re going through something that’s probably a good bit worse than death right about now, but it’s only fair. I mean, you kinda totally messed up my happy little getaway, so you’ll just have to suck it up and deal with it.

One of the more surprising things about the incident was the fact that the governor seemed to have more or less accepted my testimony as is. I’d expected him to question me and ask me whether I was in fact the person behind the incident, to which he’d said, “You could easily tear this city apart with nothing but brute force should you wish it, so I don’t believe there’s any reason for you to bother with such a roundabout scheme.” Is it just me, or has he started getting bolder lately?

The city had a lot to do, and I’d enjoyed hanging around it. The inn was nice as well. That said, none of it even came close to living up to what the dungeon had to offer. More importantly, I felt as if everyone that’d stayed behind would likely start to worry if we didn’t return soon; it was time to go. And the first thing I’m going to do the moment I get back is dive into that super comfy futon of mine.

We’d already arranged for the hero to deliver the results of Shady’s interrogation at a later date, so there wasn’t a need for us to hang around and wait for him to crack. I’d told her that she didn’t need to and that it would be fine for her just to head home since she was more or less done with her mission, but she refused on the grounds that she wanted to see her job all the way through to the end. How earnest and upright.

“Oh yeah, Lefi, that reminds me.”
“What is it?”

I grabbed a certain special something out of my inventory and handed it to her.

“Hmmm?” She blinked as she looked at it. “Is that perhaps… a ring?”
“Yeah. I happened to see something that I thought would look good on you, so… yeah, y’know.” I awkwardly scratched the back of my head in embarrassment as I answered her question.

I’d spotted it amongst the wares of a suspicious looking old lady a good bit before the incident. The moment I first laid eyes on it was the moment I realized that it would look great on Lefi. I was so overwhelmed by the thought that I’d purchased it before I realized it.

All in all, the ring wasn’t particularly complex. Its frame was of a simple silver construction, save for the pale emerald line running through its centre. There was a second line at the top of the ring, which intersected with the first to make a cross, inside of which lay a bit of magical energy. Adorning the ring was a small but beautiful jewel, one that remained translucent despite being dyed a shade of crimson.

It was a design that fit particularly well with the dragon girl’s beautiful platinum coloured hair. Most important of all, however, wasn’t the ring’s appearance, but rather its effect. Analyze had identified it as follows.

Adjustable Ring: This ring’s size will change such that it fits its owner.
Quality: A+

It seemed extremely convenient in the sense that it wouldn’t break, even if she were to revert to her draconic form.

Giving it to her, of course, made me feel extremely embarrassed, but I knew that giving this sort of gift was something that only grew more difficult with time. I’d probably end up never giving it to her at all if I kept fussing about the particulars. And that would just be wasteful, especially since I’ve already bought it.

Lefi put her food back down on the plate she had on her lap before accepting the ring. She held it in both hands and examined it, all while bearing a serious look in her eye—only to stifle a giggle shortly after.

“W-What?” I asked.
“It is nothing.” She shook her head. “I believe it falls within the realm of tradition for you to place this present of yours upon me?”
“Huh? Uh… erm…. Yeah, I guess.”

I tried my best to keep calm as she presented me her left ring finger. Is that just a coincidence? It’s gotta be, right…?

I took the ring from her other hand and slowly slipped it on. Her finger was so smooth to the touch that I was reluctant to part with it; I felt the urge to never part my hand from her own.

Lefi waited for the ring to fall into place before raising her hand and gazing at it as the bonfire made it glimmer with light.

“Thank you, Yuki. This present is one I am glad to receive.” Only after she was satisfied did she finally turn towards me.

Again, I tried to keep my heart under control. But I couldn’t. The way the firelight lit up her gentle smile caused it to continue pounding with vigour.


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In terms of Tabletop RPGs, I’m almost always a sword and board Warrior/Fighter. Don’t need to worry about making my spellbook or choosing spells for the day. Just draw, cut, and defend. And it gets me out of the boring story stuff. My character is always, “When’s the next fight gunna start?” because his INT stat is lower than normal because I put the extra points into STR, CON, and DEX.

zekkendo asks: Are there any LN/WNs you feel are underrated/less-known that you’d like to recommend? I’m really enjoying “Common Sense of a Warrior House” and “After the Ending, the Magical Girl Earnestly Hides Her True Identity” (both on Kiriko’s site) “Second Coming of Avarice” reader numbers seem to be growing (on Creative Novels) And I had a blast with “I Really Don’t Notice” (on Yoraikun’s site)

Hmm… Underrated or lesser known WN and LN… I really don’t have any like that. Most of the ones I’ve read have been big ones recommended to me. I guess the only one like that that comes to mind is Isekai Yururi Kikou ~Raising Children While Being an Adventurer~. That’s just a feel good story for me, but I don’t really know how big or well known it is.

Yarsh Naidoo asks: I think there’s quite a few similarities between Hajime Nagumo from Arifureta and Yuki. I read Arifureta first and the character similarities was one of the reasons I was drawn to this novel. What do you think of the similarities between the two of them? Are they both seriously twisted?

I wouldn’t say twisted, but rather the experiences they’ve been through have kind of turned them against humans. Hajime with what happens when he first gets summoned and the first time in the dungeon, and Yuki with… you know, the whole demon lord thing. They’re both not scared to kill should the situation require it. Unlike other goody two shoes protags who always capture alive.

dicky satira asks: alrighty then, another one ! from all the Dere’s which one did you like most ?
Deredere, Tsundere, Kuudere, Yandere? also, have you watch Otome dori ? and what your comment on that one ? since that is my first ero-scar when im being enlighten with the knowledge of Ero Tags after i known of Hentai 😦

Dude, we gotta stop meeting in this back alley… I’d have to go in this order: Deredere, Kuudere, Tsundere, Yandere. Nice girls are nice, y’know? And Otome dori, no I haven’t seen it. Sorry to disappoint, but I probably won’t after researching it. Yes, research, not ‘research’. There’s a difference. Yes there is.

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