Jingai Musume 82

A Study of Magic
Editors: Sebas Tian, Speedphoenix, Joker

“Ugh…” I loosed a sort of lethargic groan as I lay in a position that could only be described as awkward. My face was on the floor and my arms were sprawled all over. Meanwhile, my feet lay resting atop the throne. While I couldn’t deny that the groan did have something to do with my awkward posture, it wasn’t by any means the root cause.

“Is something the matter, my lord?” Leila, who had noticed my interesting pose, had approached in an attempt to uncover the source of my behaviour.
“Oh, hey Leila,” I craned my neck to greet her while handing her the book I had obtained from the town we visited. My attempts at processing it had all led to no avail. “It’s this goddamn book.”
“Is that perhaps a book about magic circuits?”
“Yeah, pretty much.”

Crafting Zaien had sent me over the moon. With the resulting tailwind at my back, I had promptly begun investigating the magic circuits I needed to strengthen it even further—only to be bricked in the face by reality. Being all gung ho was great, but it didn’t exactly do anything to help fill the holes in my knowledge. In other words, I still didn’t understand the things I had started off not comprehending.

The three magic circuit related books I had bought were labelled to contain elementary, intermediate, and advanced concepts respectively. I had obviously started with the easiest of the three, but even that was apparently far beyond anything that I could grasp. Even the book on elementary concepts seemed to assume that the reader already had some degree of proficiency in the subject matter at hand.

Of course, I knew literally nothing about the theory of magic. There had never been any point in learning it given that I could create any phenomenon simply by imagining it. But now, everything had seemed to backfire. My attempt to turn Zaien into a symbol of calamity, a blade infamous for its overwhelming power, had caused me to descend into an endless abyss of confusion.

“Would you like me to teach you?” But just as I was about to give up, Leila extended her hand through the darkness and offered me salvation.
“Wait, you know this stuff?” I immediately pushed myself off the ground, the fire in my eyes burning anew.
“I do,” she said. “My knowledge of this sort of magic was precisely what I used to put bread on the table in the past.”
“Please and thanks then.”

I immediately took the maid up on her offer with a smile.


“Do you remember what I taught you about modern magical techniques, my lord? Specifically, the methods by which they are activated.”
“Uhhhh…” I paused for a bit. “I think it was something like… you chant to create a frame for the spell then pour mana into it in order to complete it?”
“That is correct. Magic circuits use letters and patterns to express the very same frame the caster would normally construct with a chant. And like any other frame, pouring magical energy into it completes it and transforms it into a spell,” said Leila. “To equate this to the primordial magic that you are more accustomed to, drawing the magic circuit is no different from forming the image of a spell within your mind.”
“Wow uh, you make it all sound simple. Why’d the book have to make it seem so friggen complicated?”

Man, I really should’ve just asked Leila from the start. To hell with the book.

“That would be to dissuade the common folk from learning magic,” the maid said matter-of-factly. “Magic is a powerful weapon and an easily concealed one at that. Those in positions of power have mandated that magical texts be phrased in a manner difficult for those lacking knowledge in the field to understand. That, however, does not happen to apply to demons, as we regard magic as a fundamental skill that all members of our species must learn.”

In other words, the overcomplicated textbooks were the government’s way of regulating the distribution of magical knowledge. Huh. I guess it’s kinda like how those that lorded over Japan’s Sengoku era would confiscate swords en masse in order to ensure that their reigns remained stable.

Adventurers and people working in other similar trades would still have access to magic and pass on their knowledge of it to their peers, but as far as the brass was concerned, that wasn’t a problem. They knew that adventurers were dangerous; they were often visibly armed with all sorts of weaponry. The ruling class felt much more threatened by the prospect of the arms remaining hidden. That is, they didn’t want to have to worry about getting attacked by the average Joe even in the case that he lacked any sort of visible weaponry. Yeah uhhh… I can kinda see why they wouldn’t want that.

“As I was saying, each individual magic circle can be split into several distinct modules,” said Leila. She began drawing on the whiteboard as she spoke, one that I had originally bought in order to make it easier for Illuna to study. “Let us start with a simple example in the form of the Fireball spell. The three modules that make up the Fireball circuit implement the functions that allow the caster to create the fireball, establish control over it, and launch it. It is no difficult task to take the implementation a step further and apply a module that allows one to either affect its trajectory mid-flight or alter its form.”

Leila had drawn an entire diagram on the board by the time she finished speaking. The magic circle penned by the demonic maid was of the exact modular design that she had described; it was comprised of several smaller circuits that came together to form a whole.

“Uhhhh… wow. I gotta say, I’m impressed with how much you seem to know about all this.”
“These are just the basics,” she chuckled. “I must say, my lord, this board of yours is quite convenient. So much so, in fact, that I am starting to lament not having had one to work with in the past.”

And so, Ms. Leila’s classes on magic circuits continued.

All the magic circuits she taught me were much like the first. They were all made up of smaller modules that could be combined to create a whole. However, they were benign. Apparently, magic circuits could not be activated unless they were drawn from start to end and in a single go; the two ends had to meet before the marker left the whiteboard. I guess that means it’s kinda like how I have to make my mana circulate through my body before casting primordial magic.

Unlike primordial spells, however, magic circuits had to remain fairly small scale. They needed to be as compact as possible, as it became difficult for magical energy to flow through them otherwise.

“Wait. Do magic circuits have to be drawn on flat surfaces or something?”
“Come again?”
“Like, the whole thing doesn’t all have to be on the same plane, does it? Can’t you like, put different parts of it on different parts of the thing you’re trying to enhance?”

The idea I had in mind was to carve a magical circuit into a three-dimensional object, as one would in the kinda software that let you make models. Doing that would allow the circuit to remain fairly compact even with a larger magical algorithm. That is, it would eliminate the mana flow problem without compromising the spell’s complexity.

“Well, you see…” I had begun explaining my thoughts to her, but cut myself off before I dug too deep into the weeds. “Actually, y’know what, nevermind. What I thought up is like, super obvious, so I’m sure someone’s already tried it and failed, so yeah. Forget it.”

I waited for the maid’s response, but none came.

“Uhhh, Hello? Leila? Earth to Leila?” I tried giving her a verbal prod or two in order to get her to stop spacing out. Only then did she suddenly come back from her daydream, but what she did next was something that almost seemed to completely shatter the nonchalant impression I had of her. She grabbed my hand with hers and began speaking in a tone that reeked of excitement.

“That’s an incredible idea, my lord! I believe you may have just made the greatest breakthrough in the study of magic in the modern age!”
“Uhhhh. Okay…?”
“Everyone that has studied magic circuits has always assumed that a flat surface was necessary, but that assumption is one that holds no ground. The method you described is precisely what is needed in order to increase each spell’s complexity without necessitating a decrease in the resulting circuit’s ability to process magical energy! I’m sorry, my lord, but I will have to excuse myself! I have something that I must immediately attend to!”

Leila dashed off and made a beeline straight for her room the moment I gave her my consent.

“Though I really would’ve liked it if you had at least finished this lesson up first…”


Editor’s note (Joker): Hey, guys! Joker here. Sorry, can’t really pull out my usual charm and pizzazz right now. Damn near suffered a micro fracture in my right arm, and it’s still bruised all to high hell, so typing doesn’t really feel too good. Hopefully by the time boss gets the next chapter done, it’ll be better and I can go back to the Joker you all know and love, or love to hate. Whichever. All right, we got five letters in the mailbox today, so big thanks to asterthegamer, Zehd Cashew, mind break, kx, and Teru. Remember, if you’ve got a question you’d like answered, leave it down below with the hashtag #AskJoker and I’ll reply directly to you. Get noticed by your senpai today! Hah. See y’all in the next chapter!

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40 thoughts on “Jingai Musume 82

  1. fursto! Flat surface? Don’t worry you have a lot of that because they are lolis!
    What? he’s not talking about that?
    Anyway thank you for the update

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  2. …..I really hope her curiosity and knowledge seeking doesn’t lead her to betray him by accident or on purpose


    1. hmmm….
      seeing how MC almost destroy one city with just one night…
      and how he play with an army without even dirtying his hands, makes Hero lose without a fight…
      it seems unlikely she will betray him, since she’s intelligent enough to not makes MC her enemy.

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      1. If she wanted, however, she could kill him. Any of them could, really. All of them have free access to the True Throne Room and – by extension – to the completely exposed Dungeon Core.
        I mean, if she did try to destroy the DC then plot armor would definitely activate in the form of some coincidence and/or as-of-yet-unrevealed ability of Yuki, one of the other denzines of his dungeon or the Dungeon itself. But going by what we know up ’till now? Yuki is gleefully exposing his greatest weakness to people he knows very little about – every single girl that lives with him ended up allowed into the close proximity of the dungeon core the very same day he met each of them.


      2. lol no, the Hero still don’t know where’s Dungeon Core, she just stay on the Castle and Hot spring, not in True Throne room, heck even on True Throne room the DC is hidden by Yuki, so far only the Girls who permanently stays there and gain Yuki trust knows about DC, but the hero didn’t, Yuki is not that stupid to revealed it in front of new people, moreover to a Hero…..


  3. You know the story’s been good honestly, but I’m considering droping this series. I mean you know, it’s still ok when he has just gotten into that world, with not knowing anything and hasn’t gathered his bearing and stuff, but I feel like as time goes on he’s getting stupider and stupider…. Basically what I call a retard. So Imma just read a few more chapter and if he doesn’t get better, sayonara guys. Hope you fare well.

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    1. In what way does he get stupider? I could understand if you dropping it because of the absolute retarded idea that no one tried a 3d magical circuit BUT I haven’t seen the MC become stupider it’s more like the book makes humans stupider


      1. I don’t think that the author had this phenomenon in mind when writing about the 3D Magic Circuit, but there is actually a name for this situation. It’s called a ‘Black Swan’, a situation that once observed or mentioned should’ve been obvious from the outset. Although it’s usually used in the context of technology (basically almost everything about the internet is a ‘Black Swan’), it originated in Ornithology with the ‘discovery’ of the first Black Swan I believe in the 1800s. Until then nobody even though to look for a Black Swan (or frankly a swan of any color other than white) because it was thought they simply didn’t exist.

        The internet is the biggest ‘Black Swan’ offender, since the creators of ARPANet back in the early 70s never intended or thought that the system they created could give rise to Social Networks, E-Commerce, Online Banking, and so on. This situation is actually one of the reasons that privacy and security are so hard on the internet, it was simply never designed with such things in mind, it was designed for research purposes where privacy and security weren’t an issue, everything you see that concerns privacy and security on the internet was something that was bolted on to the system after the fact, it isn’t the core of how the internet was designed.

        TL;DR – The idea of people not considering the (to our eyes obvious) extension of Magic Circuits into 3 dimensions aren’t stupid, just like how the researchers who created the framework of the internet weren’t stupid when they didn’t take into consideration the idea of millions or billions of pieces of private data floating around in that system in 25+ years.


    1. No idea. I might not even see the hero. Or who knows? I might actually BE the hero. In which case, that world would be screwed…


  4. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Sometimes it takes someone who didn’t know the subject before to state what seems obvious. People often get used to one application of knowledge that they unknowingly ignore other potential applications.

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  5. Ugh, I can’t stand developments like this. Sorry but he was right the first time: going 3D *is* a super obvious thing to try. The idea that nobody has ever thought of it before ruins what little world building this series has had and makes it seem like the entire world is full of complete morons. But WN authors have to do everything possible to make their MCs the specialest snowflakes I guess…


    1. Super obvious to us sure, but things like this happens in real life too. Especially when some idiot “researchers” have their “not made/thought of here” syndrome. Them stealing an idea is still lucky, more often than not they bury the idea because of their EGO. Of course there are instances where no one actually thought of it. You’d be surprised how often no one thought of a what should be obvious application of a technology until some outsider points it out.


      1. Also remember that communication technology isn’t what it is in our world. So someone might have thought of it, but didn’t have the knowhow to implement it or know someone who could. Also assumptions are really power, if you heard for 15 years that it had to be flat, from your teachers and peers, than your unlikely to think otherwise.

        Take his statement “What I thought up is like, super obvious, so I’m sure someone’s already tried it and failed, so yeah. Forget it.” This also likely happened often and most people don’t want to ask a question and sound stupid. Also since he is her boss and far more powerful than she, even though he’s learning from her, he’s in a position where he can question the norms easily.

        Also you need the right person to implement it and the resources, take central processing units(cpus), it might surprise you to know that most of them are one layer.

        Lastly it’s likely someone has already implemented 3d circles but either died before they could widely distribute the information or is keeping it secret to maintain superiority with their peers.

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    2. That’s what happens when you bring diversity into a homogeneous environment. He’s from a different world with entirely different schools of thought. Sure, it seems totally obvious to us, but so does a heliocentric solar system, which came up as early as 300 BC, which literally got people killed for supporting it as opposed to geocentrism until damn near 2000 years later. I’m just saying, 3-dimensional magic circuits not being developed/widespread isn’t that farfetched, especially when you consider the things they’re already capable of doing with flat magic circuits. Afterall, invention and innovation are driven by neccesity and creativity, making sense is more of a liability than an asset.


  6. Going 3D is the best way to compile various spells into one without interference. Similar to a specialized round of a revolver. You can shoot all 6 rounds at once, and get a result. But if you select fire, then you can hold all the elements at your bidding.

    Great really creative, and you can reshape the circuits on the go, with an artifact, and hold it in stasis. Yeah, Leila really has a good idea of what to do.


  7. “The idea I had in mind was to carve a magical circuit into a three-dimensional object, as one would in the kinda software that let you make models. Doing that would allow the circuit to remain fairly compact even with a larger magical algorithm. That is, it would eliminate the mana flow problem without compromising the spell’s complexity.”

    Me: Come again?


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