Jingai Musume 88

A Girls Only Slumber Party
Editors: Joker, Speedphoenix

While Yuki’s infiltration of the capital was indeed an event of note, it was not the only that had happened that night. In fact, a certain group of women had organized a little get-together, the climax of which occurred at about the same time a certain Demon Lord had made it over the wall.

Lefi, Lyuu, and Leila sat facing each other atop a series of futons. The three had taken the fact that Yuki was out of the house as an opportunity to discuss topics the likes of which they wouldn’t dare mention in his presence. It was a so-called girl’s night out, save for the fact that they’d stayed in as opposed to going out. Of course, the event hadn’t just spanned the later parts of the evening, and the three present weren’t the only attendees. Shii and Illuna had both participated in its earlier phases, only to fall asleep as their bedtime came around. The former had reverted to her slime form and situated herself atop her cushion, while the latter had passed out with her head resting in Lefi’s lap.

“Oh yeah Lefi, that reminds me!” Lyuu turned to the dragon girl in order to address her with a question. “Y’know what that weird relaxing aura Master’s got around him is? I dunno why, but being ‘round him pretty much always just makes me feel all calm and safe ‘n stuff.”
“It is an effect of the mana radiating from his being.”
“The mana?” Although Lefi had answered Lyuu’s question, Leila had spoken up before the warwolf could reply. The topic had piqued her interest.
“All livings things leak the magical energy that they contain. Individuals possess subtle differences that allow others to discern them,” said Lefi.
“…I see.” Leila paused for a moment before nodding to acknowledge the silver-haired girl’s claim. “That would explain why I felt as if each individual seemed to possess some sort of aura. It does make sense for that to be something based in mana.”
“Precisely. The mana is reflective of the individual. It can be used to discern whether one is a beastkin, a demon, or a dragon and tells much about its source. That it is why Yuki’s presence brings you peace of mind. It is none other than his calming aura that draws others to him. It is why Illuna grew so attached to him on such short notice,” said Lefi. She used her fingers to comb through the hair of the vampire that adored her like a sister as she spoke. “And it is one of the reasons the hero chose to loosen her guard and engage him in conversation, with the other being his lack of ill intent. I suppose that one could claim this a talent, of sorts.”
“Whaddya mean?”
“He is a natural womanizer, a philanderer capable of easily deceiving a woman should he ever feel the need,” scoffed Lefi. “I would not be surprised to find that he has performed such an act in the past.”

The way the dragon girl ended off with a snort caused Lyuu to force a bit of a wry smile.

“Right, so master being a philanderer ‘n stuff leads me right to somethin’ I’ve been meanin’ to ask ya for a good while. I’ve been real curious, and it’s been killin’ me.”
“What is it?”
“It’s that ring there.” Lyuu pointed to the accessory Lefi was wearing around her fourth finger. “Is that what I think it is?”
“Uhm… er… indeed,” confirmed the dragon after a good bit of stammering. “It is a gift I received from none other than Yuki himself.”
“Oh my god!” Lyuu squealed in excitement. That said, she made sure to do so at a relatively low volume as to not wake those that were already asleep.
“Wow,” added Leila. “I did not think that My Lord had it in him. I’m impressed.”
“Wait, wait! Does that mean he already p-proposed to you!?” Despite being the one to suggest the idea, Lyuu started to blush and stammer at the mention of wedlock. “When the heck did you guys get that far along anyways!? I could’ve sworn you weren’t all the way there just yet!”

Neither of the maids had heard the pair profess the full extent of their feelings for one another, but they’d always been convinced that something was going on. Anyone with working eyes could have immediately identified that they were at least on friendly terms; the way they both fought and played made it obvious that, at the very least, mutual dislike was off the menu.

The sight of the ring on Lefi’s finger had caused Lyuu to speculate that something had happened while the two were away, that some event had gotten them to suddenly further their relationship while the dungeon’s residents remained none the wiser.

“I-It was not.” The dragon only barely managed to squeeze out a reply in all of her embarrassment. “It was no more than a present.”
“Not yet, huh?” Lyuu heaved an unamused sigh. “But well, getting something like that means you’re probably just shy of having him in the bag, right?”
“…I am not sure.”

The dragon girl’s uncertainty only seemed to spark Lyuu’s curiosity all the more; she immediately threw yet another question Lefi’s way.

“Wait, so how do y’feel about Master anyway? I mean, I can see you guys are at least on good terms, but…”

The question flew as straight as a bullet. And while one would normally expect a maiden like Lefi to redden up and act all embarrassed as a result, she did not. Instead, she simply pursed her lips in silence. Only after she found the right words to say did she finally open her mouth and slowly give form to her thoughts.

“If I am to remain completely honest, I know not.” Each of her words was slow, deliberate, and carefully chosen.
“You don’t?” Leila raised an eyebrow.
“I know not how I feel. Not about him. Nor about you.” Lefi paused for a moment before continuing. “I have been by my lonesome for a long, long time. The only others that I have ever met either cowered before my power or sought to challenge me and evaluate their own prowess. I was never regarded in an amicable manner. He was the first to treat me not as an object of terror, nor a foe to surmount, but as Leficios, the individual.”

The two maids remained silent as they listened to the dragon’s tale.

“I never once would have even entertained the idea of living among others had he not interacted with me in such a manner. Never once had I ever imagined that my life would take such a turn, that I would have him, the two of you, and Illuna by my side,” said Lefi. “The emotions that he has brought me are those the likes of which I have never felt. And as such, I have not the understanding of what I am to think of them.”

Lefi averted her gaze and blushed as she revealed her thoughts to the maids. Both of them understood that, while one could not see it from her appearance alone, Lefi had spent a great number of years with solitude as her only companion. A great loneliness plagued her, one the likes of which no other could imagine. And it had etched itself into her heart with time.

“…So does being with Master make everything all fun now?”
“Undoubtedly,” said Lefi. “This nest of his is filled with many an interesting thing. Oddities stretch as far as the eye can see. And its owner is the strangest thing of all.”

Her interpretation of the man they knew as their master caused both maids to giggle.

“I am inclined to agree,” said Leila. “I have only rarely seen any other that even vaguely resembles My Lord.”
“Right? Master sure is an interesting one,” added Lyuu. “But seein’ this side of you is real fresh, Lefi. You’re a lot more relatable than I thought at first. I feel like I know you a lot better now and that we’ve gotten lots closer.”
“I feel the same,” said Lefi with a smile. “Never before have I thought of myself as just another woman. Now, I feel very much inclined to do so.”
“So how did ya meet Master anyway, Lefi?”
“An interesting tale, that is,” said the dragon. “I supposed that it is only just that I weave a story about my first encounter with the mysterious substance we know as chocolate.”

And so, the three girls continued their discussion deep into the night.


Editor’s note (Joker): Hey, guys! Joker here. Sorry about last chapter, but when you get bum rushed by a moth bigger than your head, it tends to leave plenty of mental scars. Also, due to the amount of… criticism I guess?… that I got for having Nirvash take my place, I’ll keep running the show regardless of any mental issues that I might get from it. *beaming smile* That said, she’s very grateful for the questions people asked her, but I’d ask you guys to please not ask her anything… unnecessary, if you get my (Tokyo) drift. That said, as I reach into my sack here… *before he does, he beats it long and hard with a broom, jumping up and down on it, rolling over it, and generally doing everything he can to flatten it out* Ah, there we go. No moth surprises here. Let’s see, thanks to sakana-kun[CS-chan mk.vi], Sup, and kx (and there’s nothing under my bed, so QUIT LOOKING). Remember, all, if you’ve got a question for me, just leave it in the comments below with the hashtag #AskJoker, and I’ll respond to ya. Get noticed by your senpai today! Kek. All right, I’ll end it here. My therapy session is in a couple minutes, so I gotta get to it. See y’all in the next chapter!

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  1. Wow lefi… I was expecting a very tsun answer but that was just real. Also glad she didn’t treat the ring as a engagement ring or lie about it being one. Glad to see her show maturity, its sadly rather rare in novels manga and anime.

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Well, that make sense. If she never felt or know those feelings before, she is bound to be confused by them.

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  3. Thanks for the chap~

    How realistic is her answer when she was asked about the ring. Not engagement ring, nay. Just a present. And how she didn’t realize her feelings because she’s been alone for thousands years, and rather than going tsun tsun or completely denied her feeling, she answered with serious face “I know not for I’ve been alone for so long”. Well, I hope from here on, she starts to realize her feeling towards him. At least being more conscious about him as a “woman” not as a supreme dragon that should be feared. And to be honest I’m fine with it’s not a “love” feeling but “familial” feeling, as husband and wife ofc. Hahaha jkjk.


  4. Thanks for the chapter

    Not sure if this is a correction or just one of those ways of writing: [it was not the only that had happened that night] to [it was not the only “thing” that had happened that night]

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