JM 367 Released

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Misadventures Inc. (LitRPG) also has a release here. It’s now just a tiny bit shy of the 20k word mark, which is anywhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of a light novel in terms of length.

These will now be synced for consistency’s sake, save for during nanowrimo. This site will finally have a real schedule for the first time in what is probably forever.

I just bought One Step from Eden and Curse of the Dead Gods due to the steam sale as well. Hopefully at least one of them is actually good.

JM 366 Released

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No good games released recently. I’m so bored I’m just playing League. God why.

I did some math with regards to Ayaka and Yoimiya, and both will be fairly decent, especially with their signature weapons. Neither will outdo the existing top two damage characters of their elements, but Yoimiya has the quality of being able to support, as well as attacking from a range. Qualitative factors might actually make her a better choice on some teams.

Ayaka is apparently faster than Mona, so might want to get her just to run around…

In other news, LitRPG 6 and 7 are also out.

I might make Sundays my schedule for JM too, just to keep things synced.

JM 365 Released

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New Genshin patch seemed disappointing at first, but pretty decent after the water level dropped. Leaks are exciting. Did some per combo damage computations and Yoimiya is looking pretty damn strong. Probably skipping Kazuha in that case.

I’ve also started to post my LitRPG. It’ll be getting weekly updates on Sundays for the next few months at the very least. (I have like 20 chapters backlogged). It can be found here.

JM 363 Released

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Someone requested slower releases in discord and I obliged.

My LitRPG is on its like like 19th chapter draft now. 2 more and I post, I guess.

In other news, Eula is unsurprisingly, total crap. The 5m crits literally mean nothing because of how long it takes them to come out. All the good damage characters can completely evaporate all existing mobs before the ult is even charged enough to one shot things…

Not being able to hold it or switch out while it’s up is also total crap, and I cannot for the life of me get her autos to do more than 50k even though the 12-3 mobs are weak to physical damage. Like a third of Hu Tao’s real world damage output, and like a quarter of Ganyu’s at best… Would not recommend unless you want to C6 her. And there are much better characters to C6.

JM 360 Released

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I almost can’t believe I did 360 of these.

In other news, I hate company-wide anti-harassment training. All it makes me want to do is harass the person giving me the training. And the people who decided to give people the training. And people in general. Getting preached to sucks, especially when you haven’t even actually harassed anyone yet. I mean, I’d get giving the training to people who are assholes even in public, but… ugh.

What doesn’t suck is that my LitRPG is now drafted up to chapter 15. I’m probably going to post it after 5 more, but I’m really tempted to wait for the person I asked to do some art stuff to finish first because I question my ability to pick hair and scale colours that work well together…tl;dr soon

Oh and in Genshin news, I did some math, and I think a C1 Eula with max ult will have her ult crit for about 200k with 200% crit damage and no superconduct. A C6 one is likely able to do double that. Not great, all things considered, but not bad either, assuming her ult’s second cast doesn’t snapshot until the 7s delay has passed. I still wish they never changed her A4 from beta, but I guess it’s better for people who don’t get C2 this way.