JM 215 Released

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Today I tried to bring some advil to work. I was half asleep, and I hadn’t put my glasses on yet, but I grabbed the first white, cylindrical container I saw and shoved it in my bag. Turns out I brought lube to work instead.


JM 213 Released

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Remember how I was complaining about mech games the other day?

Daemon X Machina is almost there. Almost. The movement is like 90% of the way there, but the combat mechanics themselves are rather poor. Melee is, generally speaking, pointless in mech vs mech combat. It does less damage and is riskier than just pelting your enemies with bullets. There’s no melee combo mechanics either, besides jumping between different targets, which is bland.

The auto-aim was fine on the switch, but on PC it just feels like it’s ripping away my agency. Everything is easy enough even when I’m playing outside lock-on distance. Getting in lock-on distance makes literally the entire game trivial. It’s such a shame given how nice the movement feels. I also wish they actually had ultrawide support, but I know that’s something most Japanese devs don’t do because PC gaming over there is relatively smaller scale and underdeveloped.

Another complaint I have is that the missions are too short. It takes too long to get into one with all the intermediate screens and bad story I have to skip, and then it only lasts like 2 minutes.

“Maybe I should just make my own mech game,” is what I would say if I wasn’t pretty sure my contract doesn’t let me make games not for the company I work for. Time to try to convince the higher-ups, I guess.

I’m also completely dry on multiplayer PC games. I’ve been doing Deep Rock Galactic with some buddies lately, but the fun and novelty have been slowly fading away as we play it more and more.

JM 210 Released

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I hate how mech games are handled. They’re never agile enough, the weapons aren’t handled right, and you feel more like a tank driver than a mech pilot. There’s no futuristic feel, and suspending your disbelief ends up being something one does as a result of how unremarkable it tends to feel.

Some games have been doing this a bit better, but they’re generally mediocre at best. And a whole none of them do a good job of combining the eastern and western mech fantasies.

JM 209 Released

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Translating character sheets kills my motivation. It feels like the kind of really boring office work I went into game development to avoid.

I’ve been reading some western books lately, because why not. The Bobiverse series is excellent and almost feels eastern given its theme and propensity to reference nerd culture. Would recommend/10.

JM 207 Released

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Yesterday, I had KBBQ, but it sucked.¬†Probably the worst KBBQ I’ve had in my life.

I haven’t had decent Chinese or Japanese food recently either.

I miss Toronto. I don’t think I’ve had a good Szechuan dish since I left.

And I’m even starting to miss Texas. I more or less lived next to a Toyota HQ, and there were plenty of authentic-tasting Japanese restaurants.

Boston sucks.

And yes, I know I literally just complained about this a few days ago.

JM 206 Released

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I took today and Monday off because this is the Chinese New Years weekend.

I kind of regret it and want to go back to work because I’m too excited about what I’m doing on the job.

There is certainly an intention for me to do a bit translating than usual over this mini-break of mine, but I’m not 100% sure it’s happening. We’ll see.

@Redemperor124¬†What were your friend’s commission rates? And/or can you put me in contact with him via discord?