JM 263 Released

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Today I made a rib stew for myself. First time I’ve ever done this, but it’s actually really good. The porky flavour really comes out in spite of it being filled with tomatos and barley and stuff.

JM 262 Released

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My fire alarm has been beeping very loudly (significantly louder than a vaccuum cleaner) for something in the realm of 40 hours now. Maintenence still hasn’t come to check it out because it was July 4th yesterday (technically 2 days ago since it’s past midnight now, but whatever.)

I know it’s a battery problem, but I can’t replace it myself without getting fined.

I swear I’m going insane. It beeps between two and four times every minute, and I haven’t slept since it started because of how ridiculously loud it is. Fuck. I wish I could go back in time and murder the person who invented these stupid things.

JM 261 Released

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Gunfire Reborn is really fun. It’s what you would get if you turned Borderlands into a rogue-like, and frankly, I like it a lot better than Borderlands 3. It’s probably the first Chinese-made game that I have personally played and not found to be utter trash, and the fact that it’s an FPS makes it only all the more impressive in that regard, as China and FPS games don’t really have much of a reputation together.

The gunplay is on point, and the combination of large heads and travel time on all your projectiles makes the core gameplay loop really fun. Headshots are still fairly easy, but you have to work for them more than you do in a traditional FPS, which in my opinion is great. The dash mechanic, especially when upgraded, and the movement speed (also especially when upgraded) are really nice, and I love how the game diverges from the trash that is the slow-paced cover-based shooter pitfall.

Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t to say that I think the game is perfect. There’s still a lot of problem with pacing and balance, especially with regards to how some weapons are basically completely useless even with what would be perfect enchantments on other weapons. I’d also like something to do with all the progression stuff once you hit cap, and I think there really isn’t enough variety just yet. Moreover, the game really needs to loop like many other rogue-likes instead of just ending after the final boss. I’d also like a little bit more speed by default, and the ability to drop my pistol or pick up more than 2 other weapons. But hey, it’s still early access, so I’m sure a lot will change.

It’s only like 10 USD on steam, so I definitely recommend buying it, and feel free to hit me up if you’d like to play.

JM 259 Released

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Last two posts, I complained about games, so how about I talk about something positive for once?

I really like Desperado 3. I’m not all that far into the game yet, so I may still have complaints arise as time goes on, but so far, it feels really nice. RTS is a dying genre, but I think D3 is a really nice spin on it. The stealth is incredibly fun, and the limited resources mean I actually have to think about my actions. The bonus challenges are very reasonable and add a lot of replayability to the game, which I otherwise think is quite short.

Only real complaint I have is that the bits of story that do exist are kind of lame, and I could’ve done without them. Rather than building the world, all they really did was distract me from the experience.

JM 258 Released

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Call me a bigot all you want, Cuckmann, but your TLOU2 plot is shit. The gameplay is fine, the aesthetics are great, as per standard Naughty Dog, but you single handedly ruined it.

Sweet little Ellie grew up to be a huge asshole. Joel’s entire character got thrown out the window, and no one likes Abby or the R18 scene you put in just so you could have your self insert screw her. The revenge plot was shit and the message doesn’t actually exist if you have her kill everyone along the way then suddenly decide to forgive her ffs.

If this game had a good writer in charge, it would be great, but as it’s a story-focused game, and the story sucks, the entire experience is completely ruined.

JM 257 Released

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New Pokemon DLC came out today. Actually not as terrible as I expected it to be, aside from Gamefreak showing off their inability to use a calculator. Again.

The island felt a lot less railroaded than the wild area. The forested parts aside, the level design was definitely less shitty, and even that was better than before. It could probably do with some upscaling though. I’m also not sure why they haven’t fixed the terrible draw-distance issue yet. They really need to start showing things from far away so pokemon stop popping up less than half a second’s worth of travel distance away. It actually won’t even impact performance much, especially if they use LODs.

Plot points this time were actually somewhat entertaining. They actually got a laugh out of me instead of just cringe. Way better than the main story, which was basically a long sequence of facepalms for me. Maybe it was because Klara was bangable. Or maybe I’m mellowing out, dunno.

Balance though, balance is a shitshow. Some of the new moves are ridiculous. Wuxiabear’s evolved form’s ability is also ridiculous, especially paired with his free crits and bulk. Going to have plenty of fun baton passing into him.

The new terrain moves are ridiculous as well. Like, really ridiculous. 70 power prio + grassy terrain boost on top of stab and band is going to be AIDS. As is 70 power doubled on elec terrain, + terrain boost. After STAB, that’s 315 power, which is almost but not quite as high as Fishious on Bullshitovish. Fortunately, the only mon this gen that has it is the stupid sea urchin. And we all know that those are only in trick rooms or sushi. Definitely going to be absolute cancer if Koko comes back into the equation though.

Well, on the bright side, at least Scizor is back. Now if only the game could let me keep pursuit instead of making it completely dysfunctional.

JM 254 Released

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Less than 2 weeks until the porkymon DLC drops. I kind of don’t want it. They’re still doubling down on the stupid gigantamax mechanic that I want gone. I get that it’s got more influence on a game than Z moves, but it’s still boring. The new legendaries might also be somewhat silly. Competitive Articuno might end up being pretty silly depending on its stats, not that it matters given that the whole meta is fucked right now.

Man, I wish I could just magically forget that sword and shield ever existed. That’d be great. Even last gen’s girls were better. Marnie is literally Skrillex, and idk about you, but I’m definitely not willing to stick my dick in Skrillex.

And yes, I’m aware this is like the 10th time I’ve ranted about Pokemon. Blame 8th gen. It’s shit. Give me hidden power back ffs. No bolt beam coverage with arena trap duggy around is just AIDS.