JM 85 Released

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Today I made sushi. Being the lazy pos I am, I may or may not have undercooked the rice by not letting it sit after the rice cooker said it was done, so it didn’t exactly taste as good as it could have.


JM 84 Released

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This weekend’s a long weekend, which means I’ve got a little bit more time. There should be another chapter incoming within the next 24 hours. (It’s already done, and just in editing!)

That said, my thesis defense is scheduled for May 2nd. Shit shit shit shit shit.

JM 81 Released

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I was honestly stuck between localizing the sword’s name and keeping it. I still can’t decide. It kind of sounds lame in Japanese, but I have the sneaking suspicion that non-native speakers would disagree with me.

This is also probably the last chapter for a little more than a week. I have to leave for a week-long conference on Sunday. I’ll try to churn out something before then, but no promises since I still have to touch up my portfolio.

JM 77 Released

Chapter <-

As I’ve mentioned in the note in the chapter, I’m looking for people to test a Starcraft 2 mod I made for the purposes of an assignment.

It’s called “Heroes’ Valley,” and can be found in the in-game arcade if you play in the American and European regions. I need testers of all skill levels, so if you play the game or know someone who does, please do grab a friend and try it out. I’ve been spending a lot of my time looking for testers as opposed to translating, so I’d probably be able to vomit out more chapters if, y’know, I got my homework done.

If you do check it out, please fill out the survey form, which there is a link to in the arcade’s UI.


Edit: SC2 map now published in EU too.