JM 137 Released

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I ended up choosing the option that isn’t sushi. It did taste much better with more concentrated chicken broth. I wish I had a clay pot or something though. Electrical rice cookers kind of suck at making rice taste good.


JM 136 Released

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I can’t decide what to eat. A part of me really wants to get sushi, but another part of me wants to cook up a better version of the bamboo shoot rice dish I made the other day.

The problem is that I can’t play RDR2 while eating sushi. Hmmm…

JM 128 Released

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I was supposed to post this three days ago but I forgot to do a second pass before I left.

The intention was to have a cliff for a while. Maybe I’ll just stop posting chapters for a few days and save up a large stockpile instead. (Insert sinister laughter.)