JM 356 Released

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Halp. 3manysides5me

Welp, that’s enough translating for one weekend. Time for me to go get exercise.

JM 354 Released

Chapter <-

I finally got my stupid harp after randomly throwing money at the game yesterday. I also got an R5 alley flash in the process because of how much the banner hates me. I want to throw it on Fischl and actually level her up a bit, but the electro archon is probably coming within a few months, and that sounds like a better investment.

On another note, I’m finally done writing 10 chapters of my LitRPG. Probably going to not post yet though, maybe after another 10. I’ve learned, through this process, that I’m really bad at coming up with jokes when I want to, but somehow always do right before I fall asleep.

JM 348 Released

Chapter <-

It’s been a while since I’ve ordered pizza. I should get some, but sadly the best pizza place around here is probably Dominos.

Speaking of which, I just remembered their Hatsune Miku colab. Makes me laugh every time. The guy from corporate doing the commercial was so confused.

JM 347 Released

Chapter <-

The one thing I hate most about spring is the flies. I have no idea where they come from, but they somehow manage to show up even though all the windows and doors are always closed.

I have to spend way too much time hunting them down.

I should get a pet frog or something.