JM 196 Released

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Last chapter of 2019.


Christmas Shenanigans (JM 191-195 Released)

Christmas time is here, and Santa, who has been watching children all year as per the usual, has finally filled up his sack. He’s ready to dump it all over the unsuspecting kids in their sleep and show them the good time we call a White Christmas.

Coincidentally, having the FBI on his tail makes the jolly old man shit both bricks and chapters. As such, one will be released every second hour for eight hours starting the moment it hits Christmas Day in Japan. Unfortunately, being a bit old makes it impossible for him to do anything beyond unloading all night long.

Anyway, Merry XXXmas. Don’t let the pedos bite.

191 (Unlocked Midnight JST, December 25th)

192 (Unlocked 2AM JST, December 25th)

193 (Unlocked 4AM JST, December 25th)

194 (Unlocked 6AM JST, December 25th)

195 (Unlocked 8AM JST, December 25th)

JM 185 Released

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Turkey day bonus because the holiday gave me some time off.

I have four days of PTO that I can either use by the end of the year, or carry over into next year. I’m not sure if I should be trying to turn Christmas into a weeklong vacation, or if I should be distributing them over the course of now -> March.

The last of my new computer’s parts should be arriving tomorrow. Time to see if anything was DOA.

JM 183 Released

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A full week later, and I’m still salty about Pokemon. In fact, I think I’m feeling even saltier.

I guess I’ll just go back to playing RDR2 while keeping an eye on black friday sales, mostly since my current set up doesn’t let me run the game on ultra. I know the 2080 Ti won’t drop in price, but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it does.

The TL rant(s) that I mentioned last month are now a WIP. I’ve constructed a list of things I want to tackle and left it below. Feel free to suggest additional topics in the case that you want to see something specific covered.

Topic List

  • The Goal of Translation
    • Aka: Novels should not sound like they’ve been translated
  • Novel Translation vs Document Translation
  • Pitfall: Literal Translation
  • Pitfall: Honorifics Are Meaningless
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Localization
  • Conveying Intent and Nuance
  • Portrayal of Tropes
  • Invalid Stylistic Choices
    • Includes commentary on writing styles
    • Includes case study on “So I’m a Spider, So What?” (Probably a separate article.)
  • Case Study on some of JNC’s titles. (Many of these are extremely well done, but some others, not so much. This mini-series would likely dive into both.)
  • Case Study on Overlord (Yen Press Version)
  • Ideal Workflow and Pipeline

Is it just me, or is this is starting to sound more like a textbook than a series of rants? In that case, the case studies may work better as something within a relevant chapter. Hmm…