JM 67 Released


I actually uploaded this like 2 hours ago but forgot to make a release post.


JM 17 Released

Chapter <-

Name on NU has been changed!

Regarding this chapter. I still need to rename the monster scale to make it sound better. I’ve been struggling with it for quite some time now, but to no avail =|

Sure would’ve been nice for the author to use a standard SABC system instead.

JM 65 Released

Link <-

Hey guys, long time no see. I’ve been really busy. Submitted my mod for level design class yesterday and a huge thesis deliverable today. It’s been a pretty long week.

But now, I’m finally free! I started off by watching that new Disney movie with a cute girl. The rabbit scene at the end had me laughing for like two whole minutes. Oh man. I don’t really like Disney movies, but that one wasn’t too bad.

And yes.

This does mean that I will finally be translating more often.

I do have a few assignments left to submit, and I’ll have to apply for jobs. But I’ll actually have free time instead of spending 15h on school everyday. Yay!

JM 15 Released

Chapter here <-

Happy Turkey Day!

I was originally going to have this chapter come with a recording of me translating it and then critiquing AH’s translation, but I found out after I was done that rocking my chair made it sound like I was constantly farting because of the way it creaked.

GG no re. Not posting that I guess…

If there’s enough interest in it, I might post a text version (of the critique.) I might even include a recording of my farting chair, just to make the experience a bit more real.

EDIT: WIP version dropped in comments. Can also be found here if you’re too lazy to scroll.