7 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Thank you very much about translating Nidome no Yuusha, I sincerely thank you, I dont care how you translate it, as long as I get the thought or Idea, Id wish for nothing more, what you are doing is great enough for us, again, thank you!!!

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    1. second project? NNY? or Sword?

      if its NNY its somewhat a refreshing flip on the head of the normal isekai, hero gets betrayed by his “allies” after defeating the demon lord and gets killed.

      but ends up find out being a “hero” wasnt his cross world cheat, it was “tutorial mode” allowing one to die just once and start back from day 1, to help the various and multitude of isekai/tensei types out there its the god of earths standard present to those going to a new world.

      now faced with a second chance, MC of NNY decided to take revenge.

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