TSKD 187

In the Waiting Room

Today was the day we would fight our second preliminary match.

Its location, a large stadium, was practically the exact opposite of the puny training ground in which we’d fought the first round.

The first round’s 1000 plus participants had been cut down to a measly 240. Soon, that 240 would be further reduced all the way down to 48.

The participants were split into 2 groups of 120, with each assigned to one of the two larger stadiums the event was to be hosted in. Both stadiums were known to get pretty full seeing as how the second preliminary round not only functioned as the first round open to spectators, but also the only public round that featured battle royale style matches. The 5 FFA format was actually quite popular, as people thought it fresh compared to the standard 1v1 format used throughout the rest of the tourney.

Another reason spectators enjoyed flocking to both this round and the tournament as a whole was the fact that one could gamble. Everyone other than the match’s participants would be allowed to bet to their hearts’ content. Participants were banned from placing bets in order to discourage them from fixing their matches. Match fixing was considered a serious crime and any found guilty of it would be put to death.

In my world, gambling had been an act that was often associated with organized crime and the underworld as a whole, but that apparently wasn’t something we had to be concerned with. Dias was rather strict, he was known for cracking down on and preventing it. Larger criminal organisations would always be destroyed the moment they were discovered. Smaller scaled organisations sometimes managed to find themselves staying off the radar, but none of them held nearly enough power to have their way.

Plus, the Adventurer’s Guild was the entity responsible for all the bookkeeping. They possessed the power, authority, and talent necessary to make sure nothing happened, so there really wasn’t much to worry about.

『Alright, let’s go.』


We still had a fair chunk of time before Fran’s match began, but apparently, all participants actually needed to arrive earlier than was scheduled. Hence, we’d planned to spend about 30 minutes in the venue’s waiting room.

Fran didn’t actually seem nervous. She was still her usual taciturn self despite the upcoming second preliminary round. Since we had a bit more time to spare today, she even ended up buying and eating a bunch of stuff on her way over to the stadium.

『Man, this place is huge.』


The venue was a massive cylindrical building that looked almost exactly like a colosseum. Today was our first time viewing it from up close, but I could feel the excitement contained within nonetheless. The sheer amount of hype that filled the arena was evidenced by the ridiculously loud cheers we heard booming out from within.

Fran headed inside through the combatants’ entrance at the building’s rear. Today’s receptionist seemed to be the kind that had their shit together. And so, we managed to make our way into the waiting room without anyone stopping us in our tracks. All of the other participants immediately turned towards Fran the moment she entered the waiting room. Most regarded her with surprise, contempt, or a sense of bewilderment, but she ignored them and found herself a seat.

To her, this was only normal.

There were a total of 5 different waiting waiting rooms. The tournament’s organisers had intentionally made it so people wouldn’t run into their opponents prior to actually entering the arena in order to minimize the amount of potential conflict. They’d also even gone as far as to set a rule stating that combat was banned within the waiting rooms’ confines.

「The hell’s a brat like you doing here? Scram!」

Unfortunately, people were people, and rules weren’t always respected.

One of the second round’s participants immediately started blabbing off to Fran despite the fact that he would’ve realized that she wasn’t just some random kid if he’d so much as just used his brain. A mere moment worth of thought would’ve allowed him to realize that she’d had to at least have some ability given that she’d gotten through the first preliminary round.

The man in question, a dude with a vulgar look on his face, went out of his way to rise to his feet and approach Fran. The fact that combat was against the rules put me at a loss. I wasn’t really sure how to handle the situation given that we weren’t allowed to do the usual thing and just smack him to shut him up.

It turned out that Fran didn’t share my sentiments. She knew exactly what to do, as evidenced by the fact that she activated all her intimidation-type skills without a moment’s hesitation. That is, she immediately filled the entire room with an incredible amount of pressure.

『Hey Fran, you’re going a bit overboard there.』


Fran’s aura had caused many of the other participants to rise to their feet with the faces paled and their weapons drawn out of sheer habit — and they’d only been been hit with collateral damage.

The man Fran had been aiming her bloodlust at had lost control of his legs and fallen flat on his ass. He was trembling in fear and almost on the verge of passing out.



He even went as far as immediately scuttling backwards the moment Fran laid eyes on him.

Welp. It getting all quiet was good and all, but I kinda felt bad for what we did to all the other contestants.

They weren’t able to relax until after Fran cancelled the skills and bowed her head in apology. That said, their expressions had ultimately ended up remaining stern; most seemed to have come to understand their own relative weakness.

Yup, she definitely went overboard.

Everyone present remained dead silent, which in turn made the cheers coming from the colosseum’s arena sound strangely distant. Fran, however, literally didn’t give a shit. She simply sat down, pulled a glass of juice out of her dimensional storage, and started drinking it with an innocent look on her face like it was nobody’s business.

The atmosphere ended up remaining as is until another contestant ended up entering the room.

「Oh hey, well if it isn’t the Magic Sword Girl.」

「Nn? Lydia?」

「Hey, long time no see. So you’re taking part in the tourney too?」

The girl that walked into the otherwise tense room was Lydia, an adventurer we met back in Barbra, and a member of the Scarlet Maidens. She was fairly easy to recognize, as her face was currently decorated with its usual expressionless mask.

The fact that she was here immediately led me to assume that the other two members of her party were also actively participating.

「Judith and Maia here too?」

「Yup, they’ve also both signed up for the tourney. Judith’s over in one of the other rooms. Maia had to go to the other venue instead. But seriously, whew.」


「Well, it’s just that you being here means I won’t have to worry about fighting you.」

Lydia had seen the extent of Fran’s strength back in Barbra, so learning that she wouldn’t have to fight her had caused the older girl to breathe a sigh of relief.

「Our goal is to make it past the preliminaries.」

「Not win?」

「That’s just not something that’s going to happen. Both Colbert and Forrund are going to be participating, and there’s no way any of us could even imagine matching up to them. To be honest, we’re just entering in order to make ourselves better known so people won’t look down on us. Our party only has girls in it, so it’s a necessary measure.」

The reason the Scarlet Maidens had decided to take part in the tourney seemed like one of the more common ones. It did make sense though. Getting filtered through the preliminaries despite the tournament’s scale really would serve to evidence one’s skill to some extent. I mean, that was interesting and all, but I cared much less about the reasons she was participating than I did about the other participants she had just mentioned.

「Colbert and Forrund participating too?」

After all, it seemed that two more powerful opponents had joined the fray.

「Uhmmmm… Could you not smile like that? It’s kinda scary!」

Hearing that Colbert and Forrund had come seemed to light both Fran’s spirit and her desire to fight aflame, as she immediately smiled a belligerent smile.

「Oh, yeah! Congrats on ranking up! The fact that you’re already a C ranker is really impressive.」


「Please go easy on me if we happen to get matched up against each other after the prelims are done with. Please try not to hurt me, ‘kay?」


「I’ll hold you to it then! I swear I’ll get really mad if you make me hurt all over!」

I honestly couldn’t tell if Lydia was weak or strong from a psychological standpoint. But either way, Fran ended up getting called shortly after the two started to converse.

The clerk that called for us led us through a narrow passageway. Blinding sunlight flooded into it as we made our way through; it almost seemed to emphasize that the arena lay beyond.

『Are you ready, Fran?』


『This is your last chance to avoid garnering the Beast Lord’s attention, so if you want to back out, it’ll be now or never.』

「Won’t forfeit.」

『You sure? Even though the Beast Lord might end up making note of you?』


The Beast Lord had broken Fran’s spirit and left her trembling thereafter simply by standing before her.

But it didn’t matter.

Fran didn’t care that the actions she was about to take were ones that could ultimately attract his attention. The moment she learned of Kiara’s fate was the moment she threw away the very consideration of backing down. Doing so, running away with her tail between her legs, had become equivalent to casting away her tribe’s pride.

And that, she simply refused to do.

『Go all out, do whatever it is you want. Don’t worry about the Beast Lord. We can always just teleport the hell away, find ourselves a ship, and sail off to another continent if really need be. But that’s not something you’ll have to worry about, I’ll take care of everything if worse comes to worst, so don’t let your fears hold you back.』


『Alright, that’s all I had to say.』

There was no point in dwelling on what ifs. All we needed to do for now was focus on and conquer the second preliminary round.

『Let’s do this!』


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54 thoughts on “TSKD 187

  1. thx for the chapter

    and since there isnt much happening in the comments of the “old” chapters im asking here: is the apport spell from dimension magic more of a telekinetic pull or a remote teleport? the second seems more logical but from the wording it more seems like like telekinesis
    that said could it be that telekinesis is actually a skill normally only learnable by high level dimension mages? THAT would explain if it happens to be the telekinetic pull


    1. Apport from what ive seen is generally a dimensional/summoning type skill with an remote teleport type effect, cant think of any specific spell names but a telekinesis spell is generally under mind/psychic type category. or atleast as far as ive understood it.

      that aside, Thanks for the Chap~


    2. shishou already know telekinesis from the very start, telekinesis actually the power behing shishou ability to moving around, so i think, apport are the 2nd one


    3. I have no way to be sure, but it seems to be a “teleport things to me” kind of thing. it makes sense that teleporting something to you is easier than teleporting you to somewhere as you yourself being the powersorce and all dont have to move.


    4. As many of said, Apport normally teleports stuff to you. Poor wording on my part.

      The author’s wording implies that it’s a teleport but doesn’t explicitly state it, so I tried going with that and ended up relying on the definition of apport a bit too heavily.


    5. For a good example of Apport, you have to look at other anime adapted stories, especially the ecchi ones, since it’s commonly used to steal panties. it’s a remote teleport, it’s in the name, but it only works to bring something to you, limited by whatever the author states, usually doesn’t work on anything bigger than your hand, unless you’re in Kono Suba.


  2. I dont get why they are so afraid of the beast lord, like sure, in a direct fight he wins hands down, but, you have skill steal, and last time i checked it had a 100% chace to steal almost any and all skills. And they have 2 uses of it, plus master already knows his skills.

    Just pick the 2 he cant live without, steal them, and get the heck out of dodge till the cooldown is done. The muscle brain obvously sucks at tracking/detecting since he couldn’t tell he was being appraised(twice, i might add) and the fact master keeps insisting they can just tp to get away from him.

    Skill steal is a scary skill, and they did just lower the cool down for it, i hope they use it soon. It would lower the beast lords threat by a crapton if they did


    1. Just remember Skill Taker needs the target to be in range before usage. Also means they are in range of the Beast Lords attack and his guards.
      Plus his stats is more than Fran’s current stat.

      Even if they can steal a skill and teleport out, they will be known and targeted wherever they go.
      And thats only if they can dodge an attack of such high stat character.


    2. That level of stat difference will lead to death of fran. No matter what she does, if she can’t react to a cut she can’t possibly block, how can she fight? He has a 1000 str. A lot more than anything fran has seen.


      1. Fran can dodge. Strength doesn’t count for much if it can’t hit, and speed is worth little without control. The beast-lord’s stats are scary, yes, but if they can just instantly and permanently excise his spear-skill, then suddenly he is someone who has just picked up a spear or the first time in their entire life. It is far from a free win at that point, but it is a ludicrously powerful ability that would massively undercut his offensive ability. Also remember that spear is his familiar combat style. To just instantly lose it is worse than never having had it in the first place, especially in the moments after losing it. Even monsters have weapon skills, stats alone, even at that level, are not an insurmountable threat when combined with incompetence.

        That said, to rely on a single gimmick is not wise. You never know what tricks they have, and it would be easy enough for a blessing or equipment to grant immunity to skill-taker or a skill recovery ability or something that would invalidate the whole issue. And stealing skills from a head-of-state is not the best way to avoid bounty-hunters. Skill taker is not enough to justify starting a fight, but it is enough to multiply your odds of winning by a staggering extent when dealing with higher-level skills and to guarantee that even if you lose, you will have permanently harmed your opponent, so at least there is a revenge aspect.


      2. Actually, they can only steal one skill(since Skill Taker was evolved and now only the MC can has it). You said that they just have to steal his skill for the Spear? That won’t do much.
        So, you have 3 choices:
        1- His Spear God’s blessing (but he keeps his Spear Lord Arts and Techniques)
        2- His Spear Lord Techniques (but he keeps his blessing and his Spear Lord Arts)
        3- His Spear Lord Arts (but he keeps his blessing, and while his Spear Lord Techniques become impossible to use, he still has Enhanced Spear Techniques, Enhanced Spear Arts and Enhanced Elemental Blade, which means he’s still very powerful.)

        And if you try to steal one of the Enhanced versions, the Lord versions still include the things from the lesser ones(as shown when the MC evolved Sword Arts MAX into a superior skill and it disappeared from the Set Skills, yet the Divine Sword Arts still allowed Fran to use the ones from the normal Sword Arts).

        Finally, there’s how the Beast King also has all of his other really high level skills.
        At the end of the day, Fran’s only options against the Beast King are to either run away or die.


      3. Oh, and the matter of just having to dodge, forget that. Sure, she can hold maybe enough for a quick teleport, but she can’t fight him and dodge his attacks that much.
        Not only are the Beast King’s stats all much higher, but he also has maxed out the Blink skill and has the advanced version(Blink Step) at level 5. She won’t be able to react to his attacks much.

        And then there’s also his intimidation and dominating aura skills, which essentially almost fully paralyzed Fran and her mental state was a frikking mess due to it. Do you really expect her to be able to act at her fullest when under the influence of those skills?


    3. Honestly, looking at their respective stats and skills, I feel that the beast lord is actually a bit weaker than the lich they fought previously. Granted, their victory was due to a mixture of elements including Jean, aidonous blessing, the soul eater, limit break, and system announcer, but I agree that it feels like shishou and Fran are overreacting to the Beast Lord.


      1. The Lich was A rank. The Beast King is S rank. Though, compatibility is also VERY important, and due to such things the Lich would likely win against the Beast King.
        The only reason the Lich didn’t win, or rather the only reason it didn’t stay nigh-invincible was thanks to how much Jean was compatible against the Lich. Had it been Amanda or the Hundred Swords guy, they both wouldn’t have been able to do anything against that Lich.

        Fran by herself wouldn’t have been able to do anything, even with the System Announcer, since even that wouldn’t have taken away the unlimited magic of the Lich, and it would have stayed incorporeal at all time with continuous use of space/time magic. The MC also has that ability, but he doesn’t have enough mana to use it effectively.

        However, while the Lich has higher stats than the Beast King, that’s because it’s a monster. When it comes to skills, the Beast King is way beyond the Lich. Add the Beast King’s stats and his skills to his combat experience, and the result is S-class.

        The only thing Fran and the MC can do by themselves against either the Lich or the Beast King is to run away or die.


    4. Actually, Fran doesn’t have the Skill Taker anymore. She could only use it before because it was in the Set Skills. The thing is that now that the MC evolved the skill to Skill Taker SP, it left the Set Skills and became one of the sword’s own special skills. So Fran can no longer use it, which mean there’s only 1 shot per cool-down.
      Also, you are underestimating the Beast King.
      1- Stealing a single skill of the Beast King wont do anything to his stats, which are overwhelmingly far and beyond those of Fran.
      2- Stealing a single skill also won’t be enough due to the high number of high level skills of the Beast King. It will reduce his combat ability a little, but not that much.
      3- It has already been stated that people with sensing skills(even if only Presence Perception, which the Beast King and his guards all have at a high level, among others) will be able to easily notice the use of a skill like Skill Taker. As such, using it on the Beast King will 100% antagonize him and will likely lead to him going all out out of rage, and like I’ve mentioned above, stealing a single still won’t help against him, and so the Beast King will go for the kill. And if his subordinates are near, they too will act.


  3. > I wasn’t really sure how to handle the situation…
    > It turned out that Fran didn’t share my sentiments. She knew exactly what to do, as evidenced by the fact that she activated all her intimidation-type skills without a moment’s hesitation.

    Thank god for Fran. Saving this story from the beta-nip syndrome.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I wonder if there is a rank limit for the tournament. Since A rank adventurer like Forrund is joining in the tourney, I”m thinking of the possibility for the Beast Lord to join in just for Laughs

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I really think the Beast Lord is just going to end up being a relatively good guy (while also being a dangerous battle maniac).

    If we go back to ch. 177 where his stats were given we can see that the only negative titles he has are the ones relating to him killing his father. He has no traitor/betrayal titles besides those so it’s likely not something he would’ve done unless there were special circumstances surrounding it.

    Heck, his torture is only at level 2! Fran easily surpasses him in that regard. Threaten is also only at level 3.

    He has a high-level intimidation and domination aura but that’s par for the course for experienced adventurers. When he met Fran he only wanted to fight her once he heard she was skilled for a Black Catkin but he never once looked at her in contempt or hate or anything like that.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I get the same impression, but the beast lord doesn’t seem to be protective of Fran at all. If he killed his father over a stray black cat then I would expect more than flat battle-mania from meeting another one. So I would say that there would, at best, have to be some reason that he didn’t identify Fran as being similar to Kiara. There don’t seem to be any other warrior black cats wandering around, so it has to be that Kiara wasn’t an adventurer anymore. It could be that Kiara was a slave/concubine or something and actually the beast-lord’s mother or something, and there were lots of slave black cats so her race wasn’t noteworthy? But I really can’t see that he has seen a young black-cat adventurer before that actually meant anything to him.


    1. Depending upon how it works he could have gotten torture in battle, by attacking a monster’s injuries or something. There are lots of effective battle techniques that involve exploiting pain and anguish in an honest fight. Still, comparing his torture ranks to Fran is not a good comparison. Fran has done some pretty horrific things to people she doesn’t value, and is pretty apathetic to strangers… Really, if Fran wasn’t the protagonist and we could only see her actions then I would expect her to go full evil by the end of her character arc,

      He may not be a full-time torturer, but there are plenty of people who don’t have the skill at all…


  6. Countdown? There’s a countdown!? When did this appear? What happens in 15? Is it beeflard? Ahh, it was to good to just be looked over! Such good fortune could never occur with such a malignant tumor. No. . . that would be too obvious. A new skill? Pet? Transformation? A technique name! No.
    The big fight! That’s the one.


  7. I don’t know but while reading I keep my eyes on the scroll bar on the right and sees the distance from the bottom, and I was like ” Oh! its pretty long.” Seeing the gap to the bottom is big and then upon reaching half of it, it ends. orz

    The half part was conceived by the comment section. (____)/ *drops dead*


  8. That’s why she’s so cute, 1 she loves to fight, 2 she does stuff that would make people piss themselves and she doesn’t care, like she got juice and made an innocent face even though she made everyone nearly piss themselves by mistake she even apologized and then not gave a damn


  9. So I accidentally skipped the last chapter and was cursing the author for hyping up the tournament, skipping the first battle, then leaving off on a cliffhanger for the second.


  10. Thank you for another great chapter! Really appreciating the speed and quality of your translations. Now the thing I look forward to everyday is a possible update to TSKD 🙂

    Really hoping Beast Lord is a nicer guy than Fran and shishou think he is…


  11. “The sheer hype amount of hype that filled the arena was only evidenced by the ridiculously loud cheers we heard booming out from within.”
    Waaaargh! Too much hype!!! *explodes*


  12. A few more errors in the last few chapters, so dropping these corrections in before heading into the tournament.

    Chapter 184

    Specifically, Fran and I had been planning on setting up an addition beacon inside Rumina’s room, as it’d make visiting her much more convenient.

    an addition beacon ⇒ an additional beacon

    Meltdown no longer existed, but its title had implied that it was a nothing less than a veritable nuke, a weapon of mass destruction that was most likely capable of completely wiping a dungeon and everything around it off the map with ease.

    it was a nothing ⇒ it was nothing

    Chapter 185

    Hence, its city plan included a great number of open areas that often saw use as as training or dueling grounds.

    saw use as as ⇒ saw use as

    Amanda’s support had allowed the orphanage to get back on its feet, which in turn allowed Io go all out and do cook to the best of her ability.

    and do cook ⇒ and cook

    Welp, here’s to hoping she doesn’t hit the people we’ll be facing in the prelims too too hard.

    too too hard ⇒ too hard

    Chapter 186

    The sole individual to regard her with a stern gaze was also the only person bothered appraising immediately.

    only person bothered ⇒ only person I bothered

    The old man responsible for doing all the rep work seemed to feel the same way; he started the match because he didn’t really want to put up with everyone’s bickering.

    all the rep work ⇒ all the prep(?) work

    Listen here kid. I hit ranked all the way up to E faster than of Corrent Village’s other adventurers.

    I hit ranked all the way up ⇒ I ranked all the way up

    Chapter 187

    Its location, a large stadium, was practically the exact opposite of the the puny training ground in which we’d fought the first round.

    of the the puny training ground ⇒ of the puny training ground

    The sheer hype amount of hype that filled the arena was only evidenced by the ridiculously loud cheers we heard booming out from within.

    sheer hype amount of hype ⇒ sheer amount of hype
    was only evidenced ⇒ was evidenced

    Today’s receptionist seemed to be the kind that had their shit together, and so, we managed to make into the waiting room without anyone stopping us in our tracks.

    and so, we managed ⇒ and so we managed
    to make into ⇒ to make it into

    I mean, that was interesting and all, but I cared much less about the reasons he was participating than I did about the other participants she had just mentioned.

    the reasons he was participating ⇒ the reasons she was participating

    Please go easy on me if we happen to happen to get matched up against each other after the prelims are done with.

    we happen to happen to get matched up ⇒ we happen to get matched up


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