TSKD 205

The Goddess of Chaos

I couldn’t help but stare at the woman that’d called herself the Goddess of Chaos.

Her claim was one that was a little bit more than a little bit hard to believe. The Goddess of Chaos was supposed to be the goddess that gave rise to dungeons, and thus, I’d expected her to be someone that exuded an air of magnificence, dignity, and grandeur.

The woman in front of me, however, gave off what was more or less the exact opposite impression. To me, she looked like an absurdly beautiful woman with tanned skin and silvery hair. The only air she gave off was one of an adult woman’s seductiveness; her outfit was composed of nothing more than just a few thin pieces of cloth.

However, she’d proven herself capable of stopping time for everyone but me, an act that should’ve been impossible for anything but a god. Realizing that caused my gut to promptly inform me that I’d gotten myself into something troublesome.

「Wow, troublesome? That’s mean of you.」


W-Wait, can she read my mind!?

「I can.」

『I-I’m so sorry!』

Aw fuck. I hope I didn’t piss her off. Angering her seems like a really bad idea given how divine retribution is apparently actually a thing here.

I’m sorry! I swear I don’t think of you as troublesome. In fact, I hold nothing but respect for you. I’m telling the truth here! Having the opportunity to meet someone as beautiful as yourself had totally moved me and thrown my thoughts into disarray!

「Kufufufufu. There’s no point trying to flatter me. I can tell exactly what you’re really feeling just by looking at your soul.」

『Awww shit. Uhh…』

「People like you are pretty rare. Most people have a bit more respect for the gods.」

『Oh come on. I do respect you! I swear I do!』

「I don’t particularly mind how you feel about me. I’m not petty enough to be angered by anything that insignificant.」

『S-so does that mean you’re not going give me divine retribution for being blasphemous or anything like that…?』

「Don’t worry about it.」

Oh thank fucking god! I’d totally expected the gods to be unreasonable tyrants because of the punishment they’d given to the Black Cat Tribe.

「I do have a more dignified appearance. I purposefully only ever send a part of myself into the human realm and mold its form so that it appears like that of a human. It can’t really be helped that I don’t appear all that god-like as I am now. Likewise, I also attempt to speak the same language as those I descend upon. Speaking of which, I think this is probably the most casual conversation I’ve had with a mortal to date.」

The fact that she’d only sent a part of herself to see me reminded me of something I’d heard back when I still lived on the Earth. I think people used to say something along the lines of “seeing god’s true form will make you lose both your sight and sanity.” That aside though, what was important was the fact that she’d only taken human form because she’d wanted to talk to me in particular.

「We’d never actually expected any faith from you in the first place, given that you were summoned from another world.」

『Huh? Wait, you guys knew that I was from another world?』

「Of course we did, but let’s leave that aside for now and maybe come back to it some other time. There’s something much more important I want to talk to you about.」

『I’m guessing you want to talk about Fran and how she’s evolved?』

「You got it.」

Hmm… Well, a goddess literally just went out of her way to talk to me, so, I guess that pretty much confirms that the Black Cat Tribe really is suffering from some sort of divine retribution.

「Exactly. The Black Cat Tribe has committed a mortal sin, and thus, we’ve made it more difficult for them to evolve.」

『So you’re here to talk about the method I used to make Fran evolve…?』

「Looks like you’ve gotten straight to the point. That’s right. The method you used was one we’d never accounted for. It’s outside all our predictions, and honestly speaking, quite problematic.」

I mean, I knew we kinda cheated the system, but I never would’ve thought what we did was bad enough to merit divine intervention. Wait, shit, does that mean Fran’s g-

「Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to harm her, nor will I revert her to her original state.」

W-whew. Well, I guess that means we’ve at least managed to dodge the bullet — not that we were actually totally scot-free just yet.

「So, have you figured out why I came to see you in particular?」

『Uhhhh… Because I cheated the system?』

「Nope. That isn’t the only issue I came to discuss with you.」

『Huh? Really?』

「I wouldn’t have bothered descending if that was all there was to it.」

Wait, what? What exactly was the issue then?

「Naturally, that isn’t to say that you cheating the system poses us no issues altogether, as it means that you’re defying the very principles the world runs on.」

『The world’s principles?』

「Would it be easier for you to understand me if I called the world’s principles the system on top of which it’s based? Consider, for example, if the entire world was operating within the framework of something like a computer program.」

Oh, so there’s like a big overarching system that everything else runs on? I guess that must be where the System Announcer comes from?

「Most beastkin typically learn the Awakening skill upon reaching their level cap. Using the skill allows them to awaken the power that lies within them and prompts them to evolve.」

I guess that means there’s actually 5 stages involved in the evolution process? It looks kinda like: Hit level cap -> Unlock Awakening -> Use Awakening -> Draw out latent potential -> Evolve?

「The Black Cat Tribe has been cursed, and thus, as I’m sure you know, its members need to do more than just reach their maximum levels.」

『Yeah, I’m following you since that’s kinda how things went with Fran.』

「She managed to bypass the principles set, obtain the Awakening skill, and evolve. It seemed that she was a rather talented individual as well, as she’d acquired the skill for herself with just a single use of it. What concerns me is that the exact same thing may continue to happen going forward.」

『Oh, I get it. So what you’re trying to say is that anyone could evolve so long as they just equipped me.』

「Yeah, and that’s exactly the problem. There would be no point in the divine retribution if equipping you allowed any and all to bypass it, and that’s simply not something I can overlook.」

The goddess stared right at me as she spoke.

Wait, doesn’t that kinda maybe mean that I might just be neck deep in shit?

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  2. Guess Master has to be Fran’s one and only exclusive sword. Hopefully Goddess of Chaos make it so that Master only belongs to Fran. It won’t be funny if he’s handed out to others like a candy.

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    1. no way in hell Master would let others beside Fran wield him…..
      he would dive to their chest instead if they try to wield him by force.


      1. I just noticed this post. I would like to point out that the terms in question are not actually commonly used. They’re especially uncommon in the context of any sort of media. Japanese people view lesbian relationships differently from how they view gay ones. Lesbian relationships have more fluid roles in general. Thus the terms you have mentioned are exceedingly unpopular and basically completely unused.


  3. you know that you already surpass the definition of “Godblade” when the Goddess of “CHAOS” herself come to you because of your Cheat power….

    fuvk “GodBlades”….. Master now “ChaosBlade” because he literally can destroy the Principle of World System, he can destroy the world’s balance if he wants…

    Cheat af… LOL

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      1. I don’t think so? They never said that you were wrong, just that you seemed to be basing your argument on unfounded assumptions. “of chaos” could mean many things. Advocating chaos is entirely possible and likely, but regulating chaos is also an option, so is eating chaos, or maybe it is just a job, and the gods were all forced to pull a responsibility out of a hat and it has nothing to do with their own inclinations. She “could” be a failure of a chaos god for failing to liberate chaos, or she might be a huge success for keeping chaos from being reliable, or for stopping it from getting out of hand.

        When all we have is “goddess of chaos” we really can’t know what their job entails. Saying such is not an assumption in comparison to the alternative.


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    I wonder what the original extra conditions were that the chaos got set for the black cat kin. Maybe as an apology for forcing Fran’s evolution, sensei and Fran will set out to accomplish that condition anyway.


    1. Master is a cheat since he has fewer prerequisites to learn skills. Most beast-kin have a harder time learning the awaken ability.


  5. Thanks for the chapter.

    He should ask what the Black Cat tribe did to incur Divine Retribution and what needs to be done to remove it.


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    The interesting question is that Can Fran evolved to be just like Rumina and still maintain her Black Heavenly Tiger evolution or is it one or the other


    1. I must’ve not conveyed this well enough in translation, but Fran has evolved. Period. Awakening, unlike evolution, is temporary. Evolution is permanent – or at least that’s what was heavily implied.


  8. Thanks for the chapter, small edits:

    little bit more than a little bit hard to believe
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    I think people used to say something

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      1. In western-fan-speak, shoujo-ai means “romance between two female characters”, and shounen-ai means “romance between two male characters”, as opposed to “yuri” and “yaoi” which are more of a homosexual pornography.
        Depending on context, “yuri” and “yaoi” can also be used for any of these relationships featured prominently, whether they’re explicit or not. But shoujo-ai and shounen-ai are always for non-explicit relationships.

        It might be different in Japan, but you have to be aware that fans outside of Japan use words differently.


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    1. like they said some things they didnt count for… looks like no ones ever taken cheating this far / if they have devine punishment fell on them.


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    『Oh come on. I do respect you! I swear I do!』” -> I think you forgot a line break here?

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