TSKD 216

The Beast Lord’s Predecessor

Participating in the tourney had provided us with a large number of benefits and gains, the most significant of which being Fran’s evolution. I was pretty sure that we would’ve probably still just been grasping at straws had we not come to Ulmutt.

Our stay in the city had also allowed us to learn what Black Catkin needed to do to evolve, both as individuals, and as a race. Those two pieces of knowledge were, in Fran’s opinion, probably two of the most important bits of intel we’d learned to date.

Another important thing to note was that we’d been able to face off against a series of incredibly powerful opponents. Us losing to Amanda had caused us a bit of frustration, but we ultimately ended up accepting it and moving on. We both understood that it was important for us to learn from the loss, and thus, we’d used it, and our other battles, to come to a better understanding of our strengths and weakness. We’d even gone as far as deriving a few new strategies we could use in combat.

Honestly, the only reason we were able to learn so much was because we’d understood that there was a safety net, and that neither we nor our opponents would die regardless of how the battle ended.

The connections we built with the Beast Lord allowed us to hear of the Black Cat Tribe’s current state. That too was a pretty significant gain considering it took a load off Fran’s mind.

Last but not least was the fact Fran had gotten a really cool sounding nickname.

『Oh god damn it Fran! At least try to stay awake!』

「Mmph… Still… awake…」

『Just hold on a little bit longer alright? Especially cause it’s finally your turn.』


『How ’bout this? I’ll give you some sort of reward if you make it all the way through the ceremony without falling asleep.』

「Nn. Type of curry I haven’t tried.」

『Alright, sure. I’ll make you something, so just think about it, hang tight, and don’t fall asleep.』

「Uhmmm… Is there a Black Catkin named Fran present? If so, its your turn now, so please step up onto the stage.」

『Let’s go, they’re calling you up.』


Ulmutt’s feudal lord, a man we were seeing for the first time, awarded Fran with a medal of honour as she got up onto the stage.

Apparently the guy wasn’t actually responsible for anything, and kinda just sat there and existed. His approach to governing Ulmutt was a rather hands off one; Dias was the person really running the city and managing its inner workings.

The medal we were given had both Ulmutt’s crest and the number 3 carved into it. Apparently, that wasn’t all we would be getting; a prize of 100k Golde would be delivered to us later on.

「You fought splendidly.」


Fran replied in her usual manner, but ended up using her Court Etiquette skill to deliver a tasteful bow. Though the combination of the two didn’t actually end up seeming all that polite, it did lead to a series of loud cheers and huge round of applause.

The only reason she’d even bothered bowing in the first place was because I incessantly reminded her that she needed to make sure she was being polite. I didn’t want people to suddenly start keeping tabs on us because we hadn’t good manners.


And so, three hours flew right by.

We’d slated ourselves to visit the Beast Lord again after the ceremony came to an end. Hence we found ourselves in front of the city’s most expensive inn alongside a large number of other beastkin.

Our destination was the room, or rather, the floor, that he’d rented out.

I listened to the other beastkin speak as we moved through the crowd.

Most of the crowd’s members were nobles that served under the Beast Lord or their associates. They had apparently come because they’d realized that the Beast Lord was in a good mood. Despite that, he wasn’t actually willing to see any of them. He’d shut them out because he hadn’t wanted to deal with them, he thought it too much of a pain in the ass and ultimately not worth his time.

Surprisingly, the crowd’s members hadn’t been infuriated by his actions. It seemed that most had actually expected him to act the way he did, as apparently, his current attitude wasn’t one that deviated at all from what he considered the norm. A large portion of the crowd had still decided to visit in spite of their expectations because they figured that a chance was a chance, and that they didn’t really have anything to lose by standing around and double checking his intentions. The rest seemed to think that it was improper for them to ignore the king that ruled over their homeland regardless of what sort of attitude he planned to take.

The fact that all the individuals present were beastkin also meant that they all knew exactly who Fran was. As a result, she ended up garnering a whole ton of attention.

A few of the nobles seemed to have wanted to call out to Fran, but they were momentarily dissuaded the moment Urushi, who was currently at his regular size, turned his glare towards them. We used the impact to slip through the crowd and make our way over to the inn.

I had the sneaking suspicion that he wouldn’t actually agree to see us, but it turned out I was way off the mark. He’d specifically instructed the inn’s staff to let Fran see him, so she got past security without any issue.

「Well, I didn’t expect to see you so soon.」

「Tell about Kiara.」

「Yeah, yeah, I get it. Sit yourself down and I’ll talk.」


Fran perked up her ears and got ready to listen to the Beast Lord as she enjoyed the tea Roche made for her.

「It would probably make more sense for me to tell you about my old man, the Beast Lord I overthrew, before telling you ’bout anything else.」

「Got it.」

The Beast Lord’s predecessor was a man that went by the name Vairsas Narasimha. He was a weak man that harboured much more doubt than trust. He would always be paranoid that everyone was out to get him. His vassals were terrified, not of him, but rather, of the fact that he was king. He was extremely weak for a Golden Flame Lionkin, and only barely managed to obtain the evolution by leeching his predecessors. That, in and of itself, wasn’t too much of a problem. He wasn’t the only Beast Lord to have ever been in such a circumstance, but, unlike his predecessors, he had no talent for war; he wasn’t suited to the act of commanding an army. The sheer extent of his weakness caused him to develop a sort of inferiority complex. Said complex led Vairsas to be terrified of those that possessed greater power than him. And thus, he soon began to ostracize and purge any that caught his eye.

His ridiculous, idiotic antics had caused his country to fall into a weakened state, one that lasted until Rigdis overthrew him.

Vairsas’ weakness led him to set his eyes on the Black Cat Tribe. He hadn’t minded the tribe at all prior to his ascension to the throne, but, learning the secrets the royal family retained caused him to change his views.

He immediately ordered the Blue Cat Tribe to redouble their efforts in enslaving the Black Cat Tribe’s members while also ordering them to keep an eye on any Black Catkin living outside his country’s borders. Of course, the reason that he issued the order was because he was paranoid. He was afraid that a Black Catkin would one day evolve and dethrone him.

「My old man was so pathetic that he wasn’t able to do anything beyond just ordering the enslavement the Black Cat Tribe.」

Vairsas could’ve easily issued a royal decree that demanded the Black Cat Tribe be driven to extinction. It’s what would’ve made the most sense.

But he didn’t.

He was too cowardly.

The former Beast Lord was afraid that eliminating the Black Cat Tribe would incur the Gods’ wrath. He didn’t know whether or not his actions would ultimately be forgiven. Moreover, he was worried that the any Black Catkin that slipped through his fingers would vow to take revenge. His many concerns plagued him and prevented him from so much as even thinking the option through.

「Not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing. It’s the only reason Grandma Kiara’s still alive and kickin’.」

He’d told his subordinates to bring Kiara to him upon hearing of her through the Blue Cat Tribe.

Rigdis’ father hesitated, he wasn’t able to convince himself to execute her, and thus, he’d thought up a few reasons to keep her around.

The first was to make an example out of her. He wanted to demonstrate to the Black Cat Tribe’s members that it was impossible for them to disobey him regardless of how strong they ended up getting.

The second was to demonstrate the extent of the royal family’s noble dignity. He wanted to show off the fact that he could make a powerful Black Catkin obey him.

That was why Kiara had been working in the palace on the day it was attacked and nearly overrun.

「My old man used her tribesmen as hostages and forced her to become his slave.」

She was assigned to trash duty, and thus, she ultimately ended up meeting Rigdis, Royce, and Goldalfa.

Kiara’s spirit had never broken despite the many years of slave labour she’d been forced to endure. In fact, she’d vouched that working as a slave was something that required way less effort than diving into dungeons, and as a result, she’d never actually suffered so long as one disregarded the horrible stench she had to endure on a daily basis.

The Black Cat Tribe as a whole had seemed to have grown accustomed to slavery, as they were more resistant to suffering than any of the other tribes.

「Meeting the old lady made us question our beliefs. We no longer understood why all the other tribes looked down on the Black Cat Tribe, nor why their members always got turned into slaves.」

The Beast Lord and his companions had been made to recognize Kiara’s strength. She was so overwhelmingly powerful that she completely blew their notions of the Black Cat Tribe’s inferiority out of the water.

For that reason, the Beast Lord ended up doing research, research that led him to discover the sin the Black Catkin had committed in the past, and the reason that things were currently how they were.

He came to believe that the way they were being treated was unjust, that there was no point in persecuting them any further because they’d already been punished by the Gods. He even started believing that it was his duty as a member of the royal family to aid them in their quest for atonement.

Rigdis realized that his predecessor had only made everything worse. The fact that they’d gone as far as destroying documents pertaining to Black Catkin evolutions had left him baffled.

As a result, not even the royal family knew exactly what a Black Catkin had to do in order to evolve. That, in part, was why he promised Fran that he’d spread the methodology all around his country if she was willing to share it.

「I guess you could say I was just a bit disgusted by how my old man was handling things. That’s why I trained myself up as per Grandma Kiara’s instructions, made myself even stronger through adventuring, got supporters, beat his ass, and took his throne for myself.」

Rigdis would probably never admit it regardless of how we questioned him, but it seemed to me that the whole reason he’d gone as far as soiling his reputation by murdering his father was because he wanted to do something for Kiara and her tribesmen.


Fran understood his sentiments as well, and for that reason, she even ended up bowing in gratitude.

「Yeah, yeah, knock that off already. I only did what I did to satisfy my own ego. Having you thank me is just making me feel awkward and shit.」

「Nn. Got it.」

Fran acknowledged his words with her own, but never did end up budging. She instead simply continued to maintain a respectful bow.

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  1. Fran can be so cute sometimes. Rigdis is such aTsundere “It’s not like I help the black cat tribe because I Like you” lol

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      Thread-weapons are sort-of nonsense outside of a few specific uses. Death-by-a-thousand-cuts is one, they might not shred people unless they are much weaker than you, but a few cuts is plausible without unbalancing the whole weapon demographics. Ultimate attacks that somehow use absurd amounts of magic for a single blow that likely only happens once per battle and just answers all the criticisms with “absurd amounts of magic did it” are also plausible…

      Ultimately, if you can do it, then so can they. Make your thread out of indestructium and have it blessed by the god of things-not-breaking? Their sword is the same, and there is more of it. Your thread is chopped into fragments and then burned to nothingness by the furious meeting of you-and-your-opponent’s battle-auras. Not to mention that everyone does the same thing with their armour and gets the heavy-fortification enchantment on it to be immune to critical and sneak-attack damage because they aren’t complete scrubs… Sure, they might be scrubs, so you might be able to get a thread through their eye, but if they have monomolecular darts then they can throw them faster and further and you have eyes too…

      No, bundling up threads is necessary if you want to stop something, and it is a very difficult weapon to use and takes mad training, so may as well focus on it given that bundling them together is actually an option. Fundamentally, a thread is a sneak-type weapon with zero stopping-power. Even if you can kill someone with a lance, their lance will keep going and kill you too, because that is what lances are designed for. A bundle of threads can have stopping-power, so it is a natural progression of the weapon for anyone who isn’t a complete scrub, exploiting a completely unbalanced system’s most unbalanced bits(which begs the question, why has nobody else never noticed how unbalanced the system is? If “the natives are absurd idiots” is actually a plot point, then go for it, but “in then thousand years of constant melee, nobody has ever noticed that weapon thickness is irrelevant” is not a valid way to establish a clever protagonist. It only establishes that the local standards of intellect are extremely low…), or beating up small children.


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    Chapter 207

    I’d heard many tales of people regarded the gods as unreasonable because the two parties weren’t able to come to any sort of mutual understanding.

    people regarded ⇒ people who regarded

    That is, she managed to get the other gods to agree to a compromise in that allowed them to survive in exchange for a difficult trial and the erasure of any and all memories relating to the Black Cat Tribe’s former glory.

    compromise in that allowed ⇒ compromise that allowed

    I mind not facing my own demise, but risking yours is a mistake that that my life alone would not suffice to correct.

    mistake that that my life ⇒ mistake that my life

    Chapter 208

    He still seemed to be still feeling the rush he’d gotten from the super intense battle we’d just fought, as his face had a bit of a wilder look on it than usual.

    He still seemed to be still feeling ⇒ He still seemed to be feeling

    Chapter 211

    Learning that caused me immediately choose to max the skill out, which in turn allowed me to get my hands on the Lightning enhancement skill as a bit of an added bonus.

    caused me immediately ⇒ caused me to immediately

    It was quick to cast, and would continue to zap any it hit even after its initial shock.

    zap any it hit ⇒ zap anyone it hit

    It looked like Fermus had the advantage, and that the he had control over the fight’s momentum, but he wasn’t able to bring the battle to a close.

    that the he had control ⇒ that he had control

    Chapter 213

    I couldn’t help but be impressed by much he’d done in so little time.

    by much ⇒ by how much

    As a result, I couldn’t actually figure out if we’d ultimately be swallowed up by his threads the moment we teleported, I didn’t the time to brood about it any longer.

    we teleported, I didn’t ⇒ we teleported. I didn’t
    I didn’t the time ⇒ I didn’t have the time

    Chapter 215

    The only reason I knew she did was because his Forrund’s arm had gone flying.

    because his Forrund’s arm ⇒ because Forrund’s arm

    Chapter 216

    Those two pieces of knowledge were. in Fran’s opinion, probably two of the most important bits of intel we’d learned to date.

    were. in Fran’s opinion ⇒ were, in Fran’s opinion

    Apparently, that wasn’t all we would be getting, a prize of 100k Golde would be delivered to us later on.

    getting, a prize ⇒ getting; a prize

    Surprisingly, the crowds members hadn’t been infuriated by his actions.

    the crowds members ⇒ the crowd’s members

    The rest seemed to think that it was improper for them ignore the king that ruled over their homeland regardless of what sort of attitude he planned to take.

    for them ignore ⇒ for them to ignore

    My old man used her tribesmen has hostages and forced her to become his slave.

    tribesmen has hostages ⇒ tribesmen as hostages

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  6. >but it seemed to me that the whole reason he’d gone as far as soiling his reputation by murdering his father was because he wanted to do something for Kiara and her tribesmen.

    This is intended to make you think the beast lord is a good guy, but if you think about it, he killed his father. Patricide. This is a horrifying crime, and he did so for political reasons.

    Its not to the level of ‘killed his father for the greed and power’, but the motivations aren’t far off. He could have forced the king to retire the throne to his son if he was so cowardly.

    He is a heinous criminal for killing his father for such shallow reasons.


  7. Hmmmm, there is one thing that bothers me that I hope will be explained later: Why didn’t Kiara tell the current beast lord the method for black cat evolution? It was said that before she disappeared that (it was believed) she had discovered the method for evolution because of asking her two friends to come and give her a hand.

    Maybe she hadn’t actually found it out or she’s being prevented from telling it for some reason, but I’d be interested in hearing why if that’s the case.


  8. I don’t like this development. It’s supposed to be an all’s well that ends well, but it’s a disaster for black catkins.
    The best way to explain is to compare with another story: Code Geass.
    In Code Geass, the Empire of Britannia, an uchronic American monarchy corresponding to the USA, invades Japan, colonizes it, and deprives the Japanese of their rights. A fallen Britannian prince, Lelouch, who hates his original homeland obtains a power called geass and uses it under the pseudonym Zero to create an army of Japanese resistance fighters and fight Britania.
    However, at one point, the governance of Japan is entrusted to Princess Euphémia, who is full of good intentions. She decides to create a special administration zone where the Japanese will be real citizens.
    Of course, this doesn’t appeal to most British leaders. But the smartest, like the Emperor, realize that this is the best way to fight resistance. Much like Lelouch and Japanese allies. Euphémia doesn’t do this to win, she wishes the Japanese good and doesn’t even realize that she adopted the best possible strategy against Lelouch, she is well intentioned, but she still serves the interests of those who invaded and destroyed Japan.
    In Code Geass, a Deus Ex Machina comes to derail Princess Euphemia’s project, which allows the story to continue. But if it had been successful, the result would have been that the Japanese would have become undiscriminated citizens, but their country would remain a conquered country, with the majority of wealth and power held by British settlers, the Japanese became an ethnic minority in their own country. Better than before, but not exactly a true victory.
    Code Geass is interesting because it shows that domination is not just oppression and terror, it is also winning hearts and minds. Here is what happens to black catkins. The Beastlord is exactly like Princess Euphemia. He wishes to help the black catkins and redeem the crimes of his family, but he plays the game of those who persecuted the black catkins by confirming their conquests.
    This reconciliation, where the Black Catkins forgive everything and accept their fate, is their defeat. A defeat all the more total as they do not even realize it and accept their downfall without the slightest resentment or desire to get up. Now, it doesn’t matter if Fran frees them from the curse and they can evolve, they will remain a submissive people without a future, apart from lending their strength to others, starting with the Beastkin kingdom that wiped them out.


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