TSKD 226

Old Man Gallus’ Whereabouts

Royce had given us his ID, so we were pretty much set to leave for the Beastkin’s Country whenever. Given that, I decided to mull oveor whether or not we had anything to do before actually setting out.

『Oh yeah, we should probably go check in with Old Man Gallus.』

I remember the other blacksmith telling us that he’d be back by the time the tourney started, so I figured he was probably already in town. The blacksmith in question had even promised to tell us when Gallus finally arrived, but he’d never actually contacted us at all.

There was a pretty good chance that he’d purposefully avoided doing so because he didn’t want to bother us because we were busy with the tourney. Given that, I figured we may as well pay his smithy a visit.


『Yeah, I was thinking we could go check to see whether or not Gallus made it back.』

The sun had only just set, so it seemed to me that it was fine to assume that they’d yet to go to bed. That said, it seemed a bit wrong to visit at this late an hour, so I had us pick up a little something to make seeing us worth their time.

Specifically, we went into a bar that happened to be on the way and bought a bottle of the strongest drink they had. It seemed like the best possible thing we could get seeing as how dwarves and liquor went hand in hand. I was a bit worried that they’d refuse to sell it to us given Fran’s age, but apparently that wasn’t actually the case. In fact, it was the exact opposite. The bartender had even given Fran a discount in exchange for a handshake because he’d recognized her on sight.

And so, we paid Zadoh, one of Gallus’ blacksmith buddies, a visit with booze in hand. [1]

「Hey there. Grats on third place.」

「Nn. Thanks.」

It turned out that Zadoh had actually watched the tourney.

Our gift seemed to delight him. Apparently, it was some pretty damn high quality stuff.

We asked him about Gallus, but unfortunately Zadoh could only say that the old craftsman had yet to show up in Ulmutt.

「I think Gallus is the only one that hasn’t returned. As far as I know, all the other people that went to help are already back.」

「Only Gallus not back?」

「Yeah. He’s probably stuck up in Barbra doing something only he’s capable of.」


「Though, it’s a bit weird for him not to at least send word of the delay seeing how he said he’d return by the time the tourney started.」

We were on our way back over to Barbra anyways, so we could probably just look for him again after heading over. I definitely did want to at least greet him before we headed off to the Beastkin’s Country, as there was no way for us to know when we’d next see him if we just upped and left without checking in first.

There wasn’t really much else for us to ask. We turned around and decided to head home, but Zadoh stopped us before we made our way out the door.

「R-Right, so I wanted to ask you about that sword of yours…」

The blacksmith’s gaze was set on me, and seemed to carry the same emotions it had when he first feasted his eyes on Fran’s Black Cat Set.

Zadoh was a skilled craftsman, so it really didn’t take him much to figure out that I was some sort of magic sword. He’d probably been curious about me to begin with. Him watching the tourney probably hadn’t helped either given how the caster kept going on and on about the fact that I was Fran’s namesake.

「C-Could I see it for a sec? I promise I won’t take too long.」


『Sure, I don’t mind if he promises to keep it short. Make sure you warn him not to equip me though, cause, y’know.』

「Got it. Here.」

「Thanks a bunch.」

「Don’t equip. Will die from curse.」


「Cursed. Only I can equip without dying.」

Zadoh had started moving his hands in my direction, but stopped the moment he heard Fran’s warning. His face reflected a clear sense of terror.

I couldn’t really blame him. You wouldn’t normally want to touch a sword that could potentially kill you if you tried equipping it. It was kinda like how people didn’t really like touching poison, even if it was the type that only took effect if you drank it.

Not to brag, but, there was no way Zadoh wasn’t aware of the fact that I wasn’t just your everyday magic sword. As a result, Fran’s warning came off as all the more real.

「W-Would just touching it cause any problems?」


「A-Alright, good to hear.」

The blacksmith had to have been rather curious seeing as how he was the one that asked to see me. Given that, he actually did end up grabbing me after steeling his resolve.

A switch almost seemed to flip within him the moment he did. He cast aside all his nervousness and immediately began to act as one would expect of a professional blacksmith. That is, he began carefully looking over both my guard and blade.

「Hmmm… I can feel an incredible amount of magical power coming from within your sword. Whoever made its blade did it with meticulous care. It seems to be made out of a pretty interesting metal too.」

Zadoh began muttering as he looked me over.

「Would it be okay for me to ask about this magic sword’s source?」


「Yeah. Do you know who made it, or where you found it maybe?」

Zadoh’s questions were more or less the exact ones you’d expect from a pro. That said, I couldn’t actually answer them. I didn’t know who made me, and I didn’t really think it was a good idea to tell him I came from the Marou Plains.

「Not really.」

I mulled over it a bit, but ended up asking Fran to play it safe.

「That’s too bad… Either way, it looks to me like this thing might actually be made out of an orichalcum alloy.」

「Orichalcum? Blade made of it?」

「Honestly, I can’t say. It’s not made out of something I’m familiar with, which is why I was thinking that was why orichalcum sounded like it’d be a likely contender. Hold on a second.」

Zadoh walked over to one of his smithy’s corners and retrieved a slightly worn book as he spoke.

「This here is something I just happened to get my hands on during the tourney. It contains notes on blacksmiths from the past.」

The tourney would cause merchants to swarm to Ulmutt, which in turn apparently made it fairly easy to find yourself a lucky bargain or two.

「The thing’s apparently written by the apprentice of a god-tier blacksmith’s apprentice. It talks about the different types of metals god-tier blacksmiths have used in the past, and makes particular mention of one called orichalcum. I don’t actually know what exactly orichalcum is, but the book says it’s the only kind of metal that can survive a god-tier blacksmith’s forging process.」

Huh, so something like that actually existed? I was a bit intrigued by the concept of being made of orichalcum, but it didn’t seem quite right.

Orichalcum was, based on what Zadoh said, apparently a sort of ridiculously durable legendary metal. The reason I didn’t think I was made of it was exactly that, it was durable and I wasn’t. My blade broke literally all the time. The only reason I looked to be in perfect condition right now was because I could regenerate.

「To be honest, that guess was just a shot in the dark. There’s lots of metals I don’t know much about, and there’s no doubt that this sword of yours could be made out of any one or combination of them. I only thought that orichalcum was a possibility because the sword seems to give off a sort of dignity. In fact, it almost seems to bear a presence of its own. It’s possible my feelings come from the fact that it’s some sort of top-class magic item.」

Dignity? Damn man, you be saying some good shit right there. Am I just so majestic he can’t help but notice me? Hell yeah! I mean, I guess that does make decent sense. I may not be a godblade, but there really was a fair chance that I was made by some god-tier blacksmith.

Zadoh finished checking me over, handed me back to Fran, and bid us farewell.

It didn’t take long for us to arrive back at the inn thereafter.

The sun had already set, but there were a few things we had to do before going to bed. Namely, Fran had yet to bathe or eat.

And that wasn’t it either. There was something I wanted to check, something I’d been putting off.

『Well, here goes.』


The thing in question was checking the effects of my Doppelganger Synthesis skill.

I casted the skill expecting to create a couple cloth-covered humans, but was instead greeted by a series of blades.

『Yeah, looks like I spawned swords again.』

「Nn. Many Masters.」

Doppelganger Synthesis seemed to have started spawning swords instead of humans for some odd reason.

I tried casting the skill several times, only to learn that it was indeed possible for me to create human doppelgangers, but only if I focused on it. Likewise, it was possible for me to create both swords and humans simultaneously, a discovery that allowed us to usher in a whole new wave of strategies.

That said, the skill didn’t seem to be working the exact way I expected. For some odd reason, the human-shaped doppelgangers I created didn’t seem quite right. They looked like me, but they also kinda didn’t. Something just seemed… off.

It wasn’t anything too disorienting though, so I ended up just writing it off as a consequence of me becoming capable of creating sword-shaped dopplegangers.

The reason I was willing to write it off almost right away was because frankly, I don’t really care about having a human form. I’d already long made up my mind and decided I would live out the rest of my life as a sword. All that mattered to me was that my human-shaped doppelgangers didn’t suffer any sort of performance loss.

『Alright. We talked to everyone we needed to talk to, and we’ve got pretty much everything ready. You think it’s about time?』

「Nn. Time to go to Beastkin’s Country.」


[1] I s2g his name was Zerld before. I even double checked it… Maybe this is a different blacksmith buddy?

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89 thoughts on “TSKD 226

      1. Wait up, there’s a mistake near the end:

        “The reason I was willing to write it off almost right away was because frankly, I really care about having a human form.”

        There should be a [DON’T] between “really” and “care”.


      1. Fantasy has a number of variations on the word “orichalcum”. Like “orichalcon”.
        So I think it’s safe to assume this is one of them.
        -os is a common Greek ending for words, just like -um is a common Roman ending for words. I hope Dimitra can clarify the difference.

        At least it’s better than adamantine and other varieties of the word “adamant” – this stuff can be a crystal or a metal depending on the author.

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      2. Orihalcon is actually just bad J->E translation. It appears in a lot of JRPGs and novels because the TLer doesn’t recognize the word. (It is read oriharucon in JP.) It’s kind of like how Erza is supposed to be Elsa despite being “Eruza” and explicitly having the Z sound in jp.

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      3. Since someone asked me to clarify..it’s really all the same just transferred in different languages.

        The original ancient form is like this : ορείχαλκον (oreichalcon) = mountain copper which the Latins turned to aurichalcum (gold copper) and the english to orichalcum.

        Because it was so rare and had also the colour of shiny gold, it had become part of myths and legends that’s why now it is usual to see in all pieces of fantasy.

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      1. Orichalcus is actually simply the greek name for brass. 🙂
        It means mountain copper.
        In the ancient times it was one of the rarest and most valuable alloys that’s why Plato described Atlantis to be built from it.

        Source: I’m greek.

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    1. Orichalcos is the phonetic of ορείχαλκος, the Greek word for brass. Which is more commonly seen as orichalcum (latinized).

      It was mystified as an alloy used in Atlantis and such, which is not weird seeing as we’re talking about the bronze age (brass being an alloy of copper)

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      1. You do know those terms don’t actually apply to yuri, right…? The current Japanese idea is that lesbian women are flexible in their roles. The terms you mentioned have basically been phased out, especially of the nerdier side of culture.


    1. i have the same theory, along the way he began seen himself more as “Master” than his previous self. Reminds me Mushoku Tensei, and the final chapter…


    1. More then likely, its based on his sense of self idenity. When he first got that skill he saw himself as a human, but gradually he has seen himself more and more like a sword. Likely, the only reason he can still make a human like version of himself is because of his memories of being a human.

      The reason they look wrong is because he’s been experincing so much that he’s lost his old sense of self, as noted by how he feels like something is off with those clones, because they no longer look like what he sees himself as.

      Just a theory.

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      1. Fran’s route: Alessa to Darth to Barbra to Ulmutt.

        Darth to Barbra is with a ship.

        Gallus takes a land route, but does not mention which cities he has to go through.

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    1. it may be as with the progress of level and accumulation of skills the price to pay are the memories of oneself. It may have started in master’s resolution to leave behind his self to look after Fran.

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      we love making wrong guesses, so stop spoiling.

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      1. yup i also agree with ur statement being able to visualize yourself with just memory and not looking into pics would greatly differ how u perceive ur looks, it is jst like uncovering a photo of u and saying “is that me?”
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      2. Just like people in real life. Many say that they are reincarnated. However, they lose those memories once they reach a certain age. Many have try to confirm with the given statement. It seems to prove that reincarnation always travel to a parallel universe, and minor details are always different from real people of the past. In other words, parallel universe seems to be supported by those people who claim to reincarnated.

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      1. Not _every_ one of them. The final weapons in Elder Scrolls series are likely to be made out of demon hearts (“daedric”), for example.


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        Once those mistakes are solved, there would be no separate monster manual from player’s handbook, since all Races, especially Monster Races, would become playable races.

        The Advantage of 3.5
        1) Easy Multi-Class.
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        The Disadvantage of 3.5
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        2) Templates and Level Adjustment makes the Monster Races weaker in the long game.
        3) Lack of Synchronization with Level Adjustment and Hit Dice.
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        4) Magic no longer have their drawbacks and are much stronger.

        Bloodlines in 3.5 (not pathfinder) is a progress of gaining LA+3 over multiple levels. The LA cost is too much, so many people want to treat it as an XP cost. However, the creator of Bloodlines did not give any (neither level nor experience) adjustments at all.


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      The Redundant Department of Redundancy is a Redundant Department.


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    1. Orichalcos doesn’t seem to be orichalcum in this case? The author intentionally spelt it differently from the usual. I left another note about it in a comment, but I forgot where and I’m too lazy to track it down.

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      1. Nvm, looks like whoever localized yugioh was apparently wrong. Which means I’m wrong.

        Thinking back, I’m not actually sure why I bothered trusting a ygo translation in the first place. Derp.


  8. I admit that I kind of skimmed through the conversation about orichalcum/orichalcos, but doing a search for the hiragana used in the original text brings up a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh references (as Supreme Tentacle noted), but it also brought up the Japanese wikipedia entry for オリハルコン. The hiragana in TSKD was オレイカルコス, which is listed as one of the variants on the entry.

    Obviously, that isn’t at all definitive (it IS Wikipedia, after all), but just something I found. Nothing saying it can’t be both a Yu-Gi-Oh reference AND an alternate spelling at the same time, right? ^_^;


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    Except for the gaining of Awakening and some other skills her stats are likely to be the same as they were last time she were listed. She was at level cap at that point and stats will not change much without leveling. The idea to change class was brought up just before the tourney but the drop in level was going to have a fairly big effect on her and they did not have enough time to regrind out the levels to cap again before the tourney started.

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    Anime are contracted on a seasonal basis. A season of anime is 12 episodes (holiday cuts one week), 13 episodes (average), 14 episodes (rare, one season on a fiscal year with 53 weeks). Each AAA quality episode is 5000 to 10000 man-hours.


    1. We like starting flame wars to get the readers to become active in the discussion. Too many readers are silent readers, and we like them to more involved.


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