TSKD 278

Kiara’s Circumstances
TL: SupremeTentacle
ED: Exkalamity

Fran spoke up after Kiara finished talking about her journey and her understanding of evolving black catkin.

“Got it,” said Fran. “Kiara not wrong, but more than one way.”
“What! There was more than one way?”
“Mhmm. Kiara’s way would redeem entire tribe. Must kill one S ranked evil being with only black catkin. But two easier ways to just evolve self. First, kill 1000 evil beings. Second, solo kill 1 A ranked evil being.”
“That’s it?”

Kiara’s shoulders began to tremble. I thought she was about to cry or something, so her next actions took me by surprise.

“Kukukuku… Ahahahahahahaha!”

Kiara grinned, threw her head back, and roared with laughter. Her eyes teared up as she pushed up on the sides of the armchair and jumped onto her feet.

“Mia! Bring me my sword!”

Fran blinked a few times in surprise. Guendalfa’s eyes shot wide open. The maid, however, was unperturbed.

“What are you planning, Lady Kiara?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” Kiara let out a fierce grin. “I’m going to beat the shit out of 1000 goblins.”
“You have to be kidding me,” said the maid. “It was only yesterday that you were still in a coma.”
“You think a couple of goblins will get the best of me just because I didn’t get a little rest? Not a chance! I can kick their asses all day any day!”

Guendalfa tried to usher Kiara back into her seat but she darted right past him towards the closet. Her belongings clattered about as she rummaged through its contents.

“It must have been fate that brought Fran here to see me the day I open my eyes again,” said Kiara. “I will not let this chance pass me by. All these years, I’ve been wondering why that detestable beast lord didn’t kill me even though I held the secrets of evolving black catkin. Now I understand: he didn’t need to kill me at all. What I knew was the hardest way to evolve as a black catkin. Nothing would’ve come of it even if I had spread the news. No one could’ve possibly pulled it off. Knowing would only have brought my people despair. But now things are different. I can do it. I can finally evolve. All I have to do is kick the shit out of a couple goblins, and I’ll be done.”
“But you aren’t as able as you were before,” said Guendalfa. “You’ve even lost your blessing!”
“Blessing?” asked Fran.
“Right, you wouldn’t know,” said Kiara. She turned to us while still holding onto an old belt. “For a very long time I held the Blessing of the Warrior God.”
“Ohh! Amazing!” Fran clapped.
“Right? I’ve already passed it down to another, but I’m still quite the fighter without it.”

I had no idea what this blessing thing was.

“What’s this Blessing of the Warrior God thing anyway?”
“Nn. Very famous skill.”

Fran’s explanation left me in shock. Blessing of the Warrior God was an extra skill with world wide renown. The basics were that it gave its user a flat increase to all stat values. It also doubled the stat values gained upon each level up. But the most famous part of the skill was the condition required for retaining it. Once each month, the skill’s bearer had to put his or her life on the line in combat. The exact definition of “life on the line,” was not well known, but something on the level of beating up a bunch of back-alley grunts wouldn’t cut it. If this condition was not fulfilled even once, the skill will leave its user and pass itself onto another.

“I first got it when I was seven years old,” continued Kiara. “I had to keep fighting and fighting in order not to lose it. I got pretty strong because of that. I managed to hold onto it for five whole decades. Sadly, I lost it about ten years back.”
“Lost it, why?” asked Fran.
“There was a time I was bedridden for six months due to illness. Because I was confined and couldn’t fight, the skill moved on from me.”
“But how keep skill while slave?”
“Oh that? When I was still working at the castle, once a month they would let me hunt monsters near the capital. That way I would keep my blessing. Slaves with extra skills were pretty valuable back in they day.”
Kiara grinned.
“So yes, I’ve lost my blessing, but I don’t give a damn. I’ve been training for decades for this moment. I will not let anyone stop me!”

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47 thoughts on “TSKD 278

  1. Goblins count?
    Is it 1000 at once because surely Fran killed more than that in total, and Kiara fighting for 5 decades would kill more than 1000

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    1. evil beings is a title, and a fairly rare one at that. you need to go out of your way to find em, also they are powered up versions of whatever there race is. So you’d have to go out of your way to find and kill em unless you ran into 20 camps or an army.

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      1. I agree, the only lesser evil beings know in this series was the kobold attacking the caravan when Fran and shishou came back from the Barbara haunt

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      2. Actually if you look all the way back to the early chapters and even the Barbra arc Evil Being is a race, just like Evil Human and Evil Beast is, which is empowered further by Slave of the Evil God, Servant of the Evil God, and Vanguard of the Evil God Titles. So Kiara is correct, Black Catkin can just go from goblin nest to goblin nest and keep slaughtering them to gain access to evolution. As all Goblins types are Evil Beings.

        This is also why Rumina took to summoning a metric ton of Evil Beings, which were all Goblins, Kobolds, and Orcs, for Fran to murder on her way in. She only stopped doing that once she learned of Master’s ability to get skills from magic stones which provided a shorter faster route then hard grinding.

        So yeah she can hard grind it out, the only problem is that there would be a lot of competition for the goblin population which is likely going to basically get vaporized. Just like Goblin Slayer would want to see.


    2. I think she simply compared weaker Fiends to goblins, cause in the light novel, fiends are completely different, they must have the blessing of the evil lord on their status, the previous goblins don’t have that, so it didn’t count.


  2. Probably they meant Demons not evil beings… probably the ones under pact with the Evil god? Goblins can be called evil-beings for they are flat out evil and also they aren’t bc these golblin could be another kind of race or species. And yeah, Fram already grind a thousand goblins before, so its not countable lol.


    1. I don’t think you’re wrong, but goblins are a race that spawned from the Evil God’s powers leaking through the seals. I don’t think they would count, but I’d also be kind of hard-pressed to explain why they don’t.


    2. I do believe what is required are not basic goblins, but Evil Goblins or Evil Kobolds etc.
      As per the explanation thise are RARE individuals that have a greater than average protection/blessing/connection/??? from/to the evil god
      I think it was explained somewhere in the first 10 or so chapters when the newborn MC encountered the evil goblin. Don‘t quote me on this.


  3. I think one of the pre-req of evolution might the title Match for a Thousand which Fran got when she single handedly beat 100 goblins.

    Besides ever since that incident there’s no solid count on how much exactly goblins she had killed so it’s likely it never reached the 1000 mark. Even with a goblin den it’s hard to get that numbers alone


  4. Watch Kiara actually get that power up and, like, de-age. And everyone loses their shit since she’s like the Dowager Empress.

    I think she needs this power up before she can give Fran the training regime she will clearly undergo.

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  5. “Blessing of the Warrior God” has passed to someone else.

    I smell foreshadowing. Chances are that he/she is a battle junkie too or just plain evil crazy guy who keeps killing.


      1. Seems like it would be a really tough condition for the Beast Lord to meet – as ridiculously OP as he is, it would be tough for him to even find something every month that was capable of threatening his life. Would a Midgard Wyrm even count for him as a legit threat?


  6. I just hope this os not a last voyage. Not that a couple of goblins will stop her, but like she will reach her lifes goal or something.


  7. hmm…

    first, when Fran got title “Goblin Slayer” its not like she killing 1000 goblin, she just raid few goblin nest and after that she got the title she didn’t do raid the goblin nest again (probably just kill few goblins that wandering around while they travel).
    goblin nest at most only have a hundred or more goblins if the nest is big…
    since when they not knowing the method to evolve, there’s no merit in killing goblins because they already strong and need more stronger monster to gain exp.
    and that same applied for Kiara, since her Blessing is require her to fight against strong foe in life or death battle, so its more understandable that she never hunts goblin anymore…


    1. Yup I agree since until this point they’ve raided only 2 goblin dungeons, one at alessa and the other otw to Barbara and I doubt they’ll reached the 1000th mark there


    2. It’s a title you get after defeating more than a 100 beings alone. She took care of about 150 before the title and a little more than that after goblin dungeon dives. So she is about 1/3 to a 1000 evil beings.


    1. Killing just a 1000 puny goblins is something even an old lady like Kiara can do. Why should she doubt that a kid like Fran can do it?
      It’s just a matter of being (un)lucky or dedicated enough to find that many goblins.

      Rank A evil is harder to defeat, but you just need one lucky match (say, with an opponent weak to your element) to succeed.

      The problems were, there weren’t that many black catkin adventurers, they were searching blindly, and the conditions do nothing for anybody who isn’t a black catkin.


  8. This is based on early chapters: goblins ARE EVIL, demonic evil beings or just evil being, some other weak monsters are also evil, so they are ok to hunt for the 1000 counter, but Fran did NOT hunt 1000 of them, at best several hundreds, but where they can find so many of them, i have no idea.
    Thanks for the chapter!


    1. In early chapters, Master was looking at Goblins’ charsheets, and they were something like this:
      Race: Goblin Leader: Evil: Demon Beast Lv2
      Hp: 24 MP: 6 Physical Strength: 11 Endurance: 15 agility: 13 intelligence: 7 magic: 7 dexterity: 7
      Swordplay :Lv1, Art of Survival :Lv1, Dismantling :Lv2, Leadership :Lv1

      “Evil” is there in the classification, so it’s a good chance that they count as Evil beings. Even though they’re more common than Evil Humans, they are still shards of Evil God or something like that.


    2. Reading a bit further, we get a more complete description:

      Race :Goblin :Evil Beast :Demonic Beast Lv3

      HP:10 MP:2 STR:7 END:9 AGI:8 INT:4 MGC:2 DEX:7

      Cooking:Lv1, Vigilance:Lv1, Poison Resistance:Lv1

      Description: An evil being born of a fragment of the Evil God, which was destroyed 100,000 years ago. These beings are born with strong malice and hatred towards those not of their own Race, so it’s impossible for it to them to live in harmony with others. They excel in Agility and Dexterity, and they’re violent and cruel by nature. Upon discovery, it is recommended to exterminate these beings immediately. Threat Level: G

      Magic Stone Position:Center of the body: Solar Plexus.

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      1. that would come down to the differences between the early translator and our new almighty overlord ^^ you can‘t compare that word by word


      2. Okay, have some kanji.

        種族名:ゴブリン:邪妖:魔獣 Lv3

        HP:10 MP:2 腕力:7 体力:9 敏捷:8 知力:4 魔力:2 器用:7




        where “邪妖” is the term used in Goblin’s race name. The text says that goblins are a type of “邪人”.

        This chapter uses “邪人” to describe the beings that need to be slain to remove the curse.


  9. Ya I bet it war Mare or whatever the girl name was that the girl fran spared on the way to the capitol who now has the blessing. How did she ever get defeated and captured to be made a slave though if she was so over powered with having that skill?


    1. The beast lord already said that his father the previous best lord threaten Kiara with her tribe’s safety which is why she was a slave


      1. No the threat was to keep her from trying to escape after she was already captured and taken to the beast lord. It was said the best lord hired a strong adventure to go capture her but to think someone actually could do it is without her fighting to the death is a stretch.


  10. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *imagines a granny grabbing a cane and starts saying like wanting to beat someone up with the cane*


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