TSKD 279

Kiara’s Social Status
TL: SupremeTentacle
ED: Exkalamity

Kiara addressed Fran after she finished rummaging through her closet.

“First, we head towards Schwartzkatze! We gotta tell everyone that us black catkin can evolve.”
“Everyone in the village has already been informed while you were asleep,” said Guendalfa.
“Excellent! I’m sure those that are interested in evolving have already started recruiting party members to hunt evil beings. I shall join them at once.”

“Schwartzkatze?” Fran tilted her head.

“It’s a village of black catkin,” explained Guendalfa. “After being freed from slavery, many black catkin either lost their homes or couldn’t make the journey back to their hometowns. The village was built as a place where they could recover their livelihoods in a safe environment.”
“Yeah, you should come with me and show your face around,” said Kiara to Fran. “Everyone will probably love you.”

With that, Kiara headed towards the door but was stopped by the maid who grabbed her by the arm.

“I won’t let you go,” she said. “You’ve been bedridden for almost twenty days. You need to rest for at least another week.”
“Ugh. Dammit Mia! Let me go!”

Kiara tugged on her arm but it would not budge no matter how much she struggled. She even grabbed the edge of the doorway to help pull herself through but all that did was make the doorway bend and creak.

Holy shit! That maid is strong! Aren’t Kiara’s stats supposed to be massive since she gets double the normal stat growth from that blessing she had? Goddamn dude, that maid hasn’t moved an inch! Wait that maid’s already evolved!?

“These royal maids really do live up to their reputations,” said Guendalfa.
“Definitely. Royal maids are the cream of the crop, hand picked to serve the royal family and guests of honor. They are selected from an early age and trained extensively in etiquette, housekeeping, hospitality, and even combat. I’d get totally slaughtered if I tried picking a fight with any one of them.”

Having given up on struggling against Mia, Kiara turned to Fran.

“Oh, so by the way, I heard that you came here by boat from the other country. How was the weather on your journey?”
“Nn. Good.”

An awkward silence followed. Kiara gave her arm a quick tug but the maid still gripped it tightly.

She tried to distract the maid with small talk! How embarrassing!

“…So what did you come here for?” asked Kiara sheepishly.
“Came here to meet Kiara. And one more person.”

Wait Fran. I don’t think you should mention the god-tier blacksmith. The Beast Lord said that all info on him was supposed to be classified…”
“I know.” She replied telepathically. “Won’t say more.”

“I see,” said Kiara. “Well I wish I could help you more since you’re a black catkin like me, but I don’t think I can. I might live in a fancy room like this but I have no influence outside of that doorway.”
“Nonsense,” said Mia. “There is almost no one who would oppose your will, Lady Kiara.”
“Hmph. Anyone that listens to an old crank like me should throw themselves in jail.”
“I’m sure they would if you asked them to.”

Wow. Mia seems pretty relaxed for a royal maid. She isn’t as uptight as the other maids we’ve met.

“But seriously,” Mia continued, “You cannot call yourself unimportant after providing many of the country’s most important individuals with your teachings. The Beast Lord, the Princess, the generals, the royal maids, the castle guards. Many of us spent our entire childhood under your care, and we would come running to your bedside if you called.”
“Damn I messed up,” said Kiara. “I shouldn’t have trained you so hard when you were younger if I knew you were going to get strong enough to stop me at this point!”
“Too bad. You’ll have to be more careful next time.”
“Give it up. You’re not in top shape right now. The adrenaline rush you are having is keeping you from noticing that fact.”
“You don’t have to exert yourself right this minute. The evil beings aren’t going to vanish anytime soon. Have someone at the top lay out the groundwork for you. I was not kidding when I said that half the castle would come running if you called.”
“Fine.” The tension in Kiara vanished. “Mia, go and get me someone decently competent from the castle.”
“As you wish.”

Mia let go of Kiara, took out a piece of paper, wrote down a small message, and handed it off to a maid waiting outside the door.

Kiara straightened out her clothing.

“Fran, I know I said this before, but I’m very grateful that you came here to see me. You are truly a light in my life. I would like to do something for you to express my thanks. As you can see, I have a fair bit of unofficial power in this castle.”
“No need. Didn’t do for thanks.”
“Hah! Good answer. But I’m not asking out of any sense of obligation. I just want to do something for you. It really can be anything, ya know? For example, I don’t mind permanently removing somebody you consider an eyesore.”
“No thanks. Would do that myself.”
“Really? No, you’re right. It’s more fun to do it by yourself.”

Dias was right. Fran and Kiara do get along in weird ways. Both are female black catkin warriors that could casually talk about assassinating someone they didn’t like.

Fran and Kiara continued to chat about some rather concerning topics, stopping only after they were interrupted by a knock outside the door.

“Excuse me. Did you call for me, Madam Kiara?”
“Yeah, come in.”

An old man entered the room. He had silvery gray hair and was wearing an embroidered vestment robe. He spoke cheerfully.

“Madam Kiara, I have come to answer your call.”
“There you are. I was wanting to introduce you to someone.”
“Oh?” he turned to Fran. “You must be the Black Lightning Princess.”
“What? You already know of her?”
“Of course. I think you were the only person in the country that didn’t.”

The man bowed elegantly to Fran.

“Greetings, my lady. Forgive me for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Raymond, and I hold the position of Prime Minister of this country.”

Holy shit! I knew he looked important, but he’s actually the Prime Minister!? Kiara really knows how to throw her weight around.

“C ranked adventurer, Fran. Sometimes called Black Lightning Princess.”
“Stop it with the excessive bowing already,” said Kiara. “You made it to Prime Minister, so if you keep on lowering your head people will stop respecting your position. Hold your head up high and keep your eyes looking forward. ”
“That was simply due to the grace of the current beast lord. At heart, I am simply a humble public servant.” He turned back to Fran. “I was previously informed of your circumstances by His Majesty and was told to accommodate your needs during your stay. I will also get that letter of recommendation to that person written as you requested. Is there anything else you require of me?”

Fran spoke to me telepathically.

“Master. Anything?”
“Nothin’ from me. You?”
“Just one. Want to visit black catkin village.”
“Sounds good to me. Go for it.”

Fran told Raymond her request.

“Understood,” he said. “Truth be told, I was actually going to ask you to visit Schwartzkatze. Your request is most timely. I have a map already prepared for you.”

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    Thanks for the chapter.


    1. actually it is “Schwarze Katze” = “Black Cat”
      you somewhat do speak the “t” but not really … blablabla german stuff blablabla

      but you do not wirte it down not write it down


      1. Given the other towns I was looking at Rosserracoon and for German Rosser came to horse or idiot or in French Rosser is to give a beating so
        Dumb racoon or beaten racoon…


    2. if i recall correctly geman names sound cool to japanese. that is likely the reason they used it. after all this novel wasn’t exactly made for english speaking folk now was it.


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    And about the black cat village being called “Black Cat” in German… at least author-san made it sound good.


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    Thanks a lot, for the release!!


  5. Schwartzkatze … you dont speak the “t”
    how about Schwarze Katze = Black Cat

    btw im a german suffering everytime any anime/manga/novel is butchering my language

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      1. So, really, the original is going to be mangled either way, since it’s pretty much impossible to represent either English or German perfectly correctly using the available Japanese syllables. (so, really, Shu-wa-ru-tsu-kat-tsu-e?)

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    1. if I suffered everytime any anime/manga/novel is butchering another language i would be in constant agony.
      (fortunately frequent Franium treatments make me feel much better!)

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  6. Kinda waiting for a moment when Fran(or more specifically Shishou) finds out about albino catgirl’s identity. If it wasn’t obvious enough already that she was the princess herself, the author decided to specifically emphasize in this chapter that royal maids are strong enough to take them on monster hunt.

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  7. welp no spar, nice to see Kiara is as aged but still keeps a bright personality 😀

    Full of life and all that. (for someone that just came out of coma i mean :P)

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  8. Wow, Fran is a greedy little cunt. I can’t believe she didnt tell Kiara all the conditions. With wha she told, the black catkin will only get a normal evolution. She didn’t mention lightning magic.


    1. What? Telling her that she evolve by stealing awakening skill while defeating A rank evil being?
      Yeah sure… Telling them that and the goddess of chaos would slap your ass.


      1. no that’s not what they were talking about. not the cheat she used. rather she didn’t mention how to get the better version of evolution instead of the regular one by having lightning magic & certain minimum stat values before you evolve


      2. it already said by amanda on early chapter…
        everyone has different attribute…
        Fran got Lightning Magic is thank to Master, because he pick up Wind and Fire Magic to the max level….
        and about certain minimum stat is because she using Master, Fran got Shared of Master’s stat.
        if not because Master, Fran probably never get her Lightning Magic.
        so telling everyone about how she gain “Heavenly” evolution is same as Revealing Master identity Cheat Weapon.


      3. not true the normal criteria still applies for the species as a whole and revealing those conditions would not expose master as they could be explained as natural luck and skill


      4. then why all Red Cat folks didn’t become “Heavenly Lion” like Beast Lord?
        like i said on my comment before, every being has different attribute and affinity…
        not all Beastfolks has same method to attain the “Heavenly” evolution…
        there’s many variant in evolution, so explain them is just waste time since everyone is different.
        and they cannot explain why Fran can use 3 element suddenly when Amanda ask fran, after she knew Master existence Amanda didn’t ask anymore, i doubt they can explain it “naturally” as they bad to make excuse and lie.


      5. no, not all beastkin no just all black cat kin your confusing heavenly awakening for all beastkin with heavenly awakening for one type of beastkin
        as for why everyone is not “heavenly” some are just not “lucky” enough to have the aptitude (sure it is difficult but it is by no means impossible or no one would have lightning magic) or lack the “skill” to meet the base stat requirement that nothing says that they have to keep the method a secret
        they don’t have to explain how fran got her aptitude suddenly, because she didn’t she has shown her aptitude for a while now they know that. what they don’t know is that she did not have it in the first place and that is the secret that made Amanda suspicious, it is completely unrelated to reveling the information on how to achieve heavenly awakening for black cat kin in general


      6. i didn’t say impossible…
        and thats my point… everyone has different attribute and affinity… look at Ruminas, she has lightning magic and she from era when Black Catkin is the strongest before they commit taboo act, yet she didn’t evolve as Heavenly Tiger. remember, she’s an Advisor of Black Cat Beast Lord, so she’s strong af, so its impossible if she didn’t knew the “Normal method” to become “black Heavenly Tiger”
        all Beastkin can become “Heavenly”, but the chance is different from one person to another…. and it super slim…
        thats why “Heavenly” is really rare got respected so much by beastkin, because “Heavenly” is same as their Ancestors who fighting together with Gods.


  9. Thanks for the chapter, my franium levels are at optimum after so long

    Well the battle maids kinda reminds me of Black Lagoon, those maids are scary

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