TSKD 283

Hero or Idol?
Translator: SupremeTentacle
Editor: Exkalamity

The village chief danced around for a bit before settling down and guiding us into the village. A huge mass of people crowded around the area in front of the gate. There were at least two hundred black catkin gathered around us. Despite that large number, the crowd was awfully quiet. We could hear some murmuring alongside the occasional sob, but nobody was cheering or shouting. Most of the villagers were stunned in silence.

One of the black catkin in front of us knelt onto the ground. He clasped his hands together in prayer and stared fervently at Fran, as if she was the Messiah. One by one, the other black catkin around him followed suit. It didn’t take long for the entire crowd to begin praying, with Fran as the object of their worship. The bizarre atmosphere left Fran and I bewildered.

“People, people, stop it,” said the village chief. “Can’t you see that you are bothering the Black Lightning Princess?”

The people around Fran awkwardly got to their feet, though they did still continue to send her their ardent stares.

“I’m sorry about that,” said the village chief. “As far as we black catkin are concerned, you may as well be a walking miracle. Everyone’s just acting like this because seeing you has moved their hearts. Could you forgive them?”
“Nn. No problem.”

As if Fran’s voice was a signal, the crowd started to buzz.

“Oh my god, she talked!”
“Her voice is so adorable!”
“She is truly divine!”
“Mommy, how do I become like her?”

The people around us were talking excitedly. They were treating Fran more like a famous idol than an adventurer or warrior. The crowd rapidly closed in on her. Everyone was trying to get a closer look at her all at once.

“Enough!” shouted the chief. He waved his hands, shooing the crowd away. “I must show her our village’s hospitality. If you would please follow me, Black Lightning Princess.”

The crowd parted and allowed the chief to lead us to a slightly larger house in the middle of the village. A large group of black catkin trailed behind us. Most of them were kids, so I half expected them to call out to us. But none of them did. It was obvious from the looks in their eyes that they were too busy admiring Fran to remember how to use their voices.

When we got to the chief’s house he sat us down and then personally brewed Fran a cup of tea. A bunch of black catkin crowded outside the window, watching her drink. I could sense that a lot more had their ears pressed to the walls.

“I apologize for being unable to serve you anything better,” said the chief.
“Nn. Not problem. Tasty,” said Fran, after taking a sip.
“Ohhhh! That’s good to hear! Thank you for your kind words!”

The people outside the house cheered.

“These tea leaves were produced by this village. Everyone will be honored to hear that you enjoyed them.”

I hope Fran wasn’t just providing them with lip service. What would they have done if she said it was bad? Probably have someone run off and buy expensive tea.

“Now then.” The chief sat down. “May I ask the reason for your visit?”
“Not much,” said Fran. “Just wanted to see black catkin village.”
“Oh I see!” The chief smiled as he nodded. “It’s an honor for you to show interest in us. Please let me offer you my home for you to stay the night. There are no inns in this village and my house is the biggest here.”
“Don’t worry. Just a few days. Will camp outside.”
“Nononono! How could I possibly allow the Black Lightning Princess herself to stay outdoors? Please, make yourself at home.”
“Really? Thanks.”
“If there is anything else you need, please feel free to let me know.”

This is a little troubling. We didn’t come here to impose on the village. Rather, we came here to see if there was anything we could do to help.

“Tell if any trouble,” said Fran. “Will help with anything.”
“I am truly happy to hear those words,” said the chief. “But we could could not possibly ask that of you, who has already brought so much hope to our tribe.”
“It’s fine,” insisted Fran. “Tell me. Any monster problems?”
“We are in a secluded area that doesn’t see many monsters,” he explained, “so they haven’t been a threat for a while. We have the beast lord to thank for finding us this location. The land isn’t very fertile, and it’s hard to grow crops, but at least we can live here in peace. That said,” he paused, “could I ask one thing of you?”
“Nn. Happy to do anything”
“Can you show our young ones how strong you are?”
“Combat prowess?”
“Yes. It isn’t possible for us old folk to hunt 1000 evil beings. We’re just too old. But the younger generation has a chance. I would really appreciate it if you could show them that it’s possible for us black catkin to be more than just the weakest tribe. You may even be able to inspire them to go out and hunt evil beings for themselves.”
“Nn. Got it. Right now, tribe a little cowardly.”
“Great! I’m glad to hear it!”

The black catkin outside of the house started kicking up a fuss right as we wrapped up the conversation. The commotion grew louder and louder until they were shouting with their voices laced with panic. And before long, someone began violently knocking on the chief’s door.

“Chief! Chief are you in? It’s an emergency!” the person shouted.

The chief hurried to the door and opened it.

“What is going on? You are being loud,” said the chief.
“Chief it’s bad! Goblins! We sighted goblins nearby the village!”
“Why are you so panicked? We have the guards. What are they doing?”
“This is more than the guards can handle!” shouted the man at the doorway. “There are over 20 goblins!”
“What did you say? That’s way too many! Schwartzekatze is doomed!”

Hmm? Is twenty goblins alot? Maybe for a small village, I guess, but their reaction is totally overblown.

Fran stood up.

“Will handle them,” she said. “Will show my strength.”
“Will you really take care of it for us?” asked the chief nervously.
“Nn. Have some people follow. Will put on a show.”
“Got it! I’ll send some promising fellows your way.”

The chief nodded and dashed out the house in a hurry.

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60 thoughts on “TSKD 283

  1. For a sec i read 20 gobs…. but then i read it again and it was still 20 gob….. damn lol… they are really really cowards…. mymaybe if 200 goblins attack its ok to panic

    Liked by 12 people

      1. if 20 goblins cause trouble… I mean they almost all were slaves with no combat ability
        also the chapter sais there are guards and adventurers

        I got that from the light novel
        Demonic Beast Threat Levels
        G: Small fries; an adult man can beat them. Goblin, Fanged Rat.

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      2. wait didn’t fran get the slaughter of a thousand title or something similar while fighting goblins way back at the start? if so why didn’t she evolve at level cap?


      3. The most recent memory I have about that time, is from the manga, and there the gob kill count was about 100-200 max. Considering all the hunting Fran has done, she was probably already at 500 or so, if the undead from the floating Dungeon are considered evil being too.

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      4. Goblins are not automatically evil. The dungeon where she learned to evolve from had done a temporary shift with more and more evil beings including evil goblins if memories serves right. That and the event where she was saved from the giant evil being/city transformation thing are the only evil incounter I remember


      5. The monster born in dungeon normaly not evil being but are born from the power of goddess of chaos. The monster on the outside are come form the miasma and remain of the evil god of war (lol) so that they are evil being.

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    1. Me too. We get the reactions of the people but i still wanted a little (maybe it will be different when she show her strengh) AND OF COURSE, AGAIN A CLIFF. This time we need to wait to see her exterminate the goblins and have the tribe have their jaw drop to the floor.


  2. Really bad timing to slow it down. Next comes a really really long plot like 50 chapters, with mountain chain with cliffhanger with the height of mount everest. You better find a way get safetly in coma

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  3. Fran will have to be thorough to bring their confidence up enough, but to beat it into them to never be complacent. It should help that they will hang onto every word, but will still need to drive it home thoroughly.


  4. I’m sure she’s a more than a little disapointed as to their cowardly attitude.

    She did after all single handedly fight and kill over 100 goblins and hobgobbies when she was relatively low levelled (way before she evolved) without retreating after all.

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  5. hmm in the last chapter i thought it said 200 black cats and 100 adventurers/guards and their family. so if it was like a family of 5 per adventurer/guard, wouldnt they have 20 of them? 1 adventurer vs 1 goblin doesn’t seem so bad, and they have a wall around the village. maybe some of the goblins have specialized class?


    1. It said population 300, and about 90%(270) are black cats. But yes, even with only maybe 10 guards and 4 adventurers, with at least 50 adult male villagers on top of that, 20 gobs should not be an issue even if there’s one or two hobs among them.

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  6. Well, that was surprising, in many ways. I kind of hope it’s not 20 gobs, but 20 groups of goblins. I mean 20 goblins are not good even for warm-up. Still, this village is weird, too sheltered at best.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    P.S. Anyone got a couple female knights for the SupremeTentacle? For translation encouragement 😀

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  7. I’m a little confused. Are goblins not one of the weakest monsters? The village should have around 300 people, so I assume over 50 adult male black catkin + guards + adventurers, so 20-30 gobs should not really be an issue.
    I mean, even F rank adventurers can deal with regular gobs safely, as long as they don’t get outnumbered too much, based on the early chapters.


  8. Thanks for the chapter

    Kinda understand why the villages are afraid of such a substantial amount of goblins since they’re probably just low level slaves with no battle skill whatsoever. Probably made worse since the beast lord provide them with adventurers to protect them so they never had to fight and accumulate experience. Kiara would be disappointed

    Fran was lucky by the fact that she had parents which are adventurers so her will to grow strong is stronger than your average beastkin.

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  9. I’m half expecting Fran to use Loli-dragon no Jutsu– erm, I mean Kanna Kamui.

    20 goblins are enough to send them into a panic? Are they all like level 1 or something?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not Fran, Fran doesn’t have time for this, but I can see drill instructor granny Kiara rising for the challange 🙂


      2. If you mean for them to get life-death training from hell and go Rambo on everything it would put them in a better social standing but seriously wtf 20 Goblins and they are shitting themselves, author is getting pathetic here.


  10. As some others have pointed out, this is reminding me of Arifureta, very much expecting Fran to be so annoyed by their weaknesses that she decides to start training them. And considering that Black Catkin were apparently the strongest in the past, I am also expecting them to become killing machines.


  11. Didn’t they say they had guards? Shouldn’t they have at least 10 or so guards that should be able to take on at least two goblins themselves? The situation doesn’t make a ton of sense.

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  12. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    If 20 goblins cause that much of a fuss then the village warriors’ level are that of a novice adventurer. If they have any.


  13. “There are over 20 goblins!”
    “What did you say? That’s way too many! Schwartzekatze is doomed!”

    in a 300 vs 20 even if they are a weak 300 they will win…


  14. Now that i think about it. Fran has killed more than a few hundred evil being. Couting goblins alone she has killed about 200 or so if im not mistaken. Then couting all the evil beings fran has killed it should be around 500-800….. even without cheating she woukd have evolved eventually
    Kiara should be just about to reach 1000 too… i woulndt be surprised if kiara evolves before killing 100

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  15. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    20 goblins is enough for them to panic?
    How many guards are there in the village? 10?

    Well.. it’ll make the little kitten’s heart go thumping when fran slaughter the gobgobs. So i guess thats fine?

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  16. The author has been writing up Fran’s character as being simple and direct in responses. With 20 goblins, it’s not a threat to Fran, so I hope that the author remembers to have the main character tell Fran to let the villagers kill the goblins. The goblins qualify as evil beings in the 1000 kill count each villager needs towards evolution requirements.

    If the village was ruthlessly efficient, they’d harvest only female goblins and keep them impregnated and breeding babies to be killed in assembly line fashion. The author doesn’t dwell on the morality issues so something like that is still possible for the story.

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  17. I was like next chapter… Wait… I caught up?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Well now I can be up to date now. I can comment now yay. Thanks for your hard work translator team.

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    1. Goblin camp, before meeting Fran…..

      Goblin#1: “I can’t believe how lucky we are! Moving in next to a village of those crappy black catkin!”
      Goblin#2: “I know, right? Half of those wusses will probably drop dead form fear before we can even stab them! We’ve totally hit the jackpot!!”
      Goblin#3: “I bet none of them can even land a hit on us! Being a Goblin usually sucks, but I knew our luck had to turn around eventually! We must be the luckiest band of goblins ever!”


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