TSKD 284

A Look into How Black Catkin Are Treated In Modern Times
TL: SupremeTentacle
ED: Exkalamity

A single red dogkin guard led Fran and a group of around thirty black catkin towards the area that the goblins were spotted. All of the black catkin were carrying weapons, albeit crude ones. Some were stuck with just sticks or farm tools. They all wore timid expressions on their faces and their eyes nervously darted all over the place.

What the hell? Why are they being so paranoid? All they have to do is sit around and watch Fran kill twenty goblins. Is it because they’re so used to running away that they find it unthinkable for them to knowingly approach a group of monsters of their own accord?

“Anyone, combat experience?” asked Fran.

The black catkin all shook their heads vigorously.

“Never sent to fight Bashar?” asked Fran
“No we were never sent,” answered a black catkin. “The beastkin country doesn’t conscript black catkin. Our tribe’s too weak to fight.”
“Other tribes no complaints?”
“They don’t. All the other tribes consider us a nuisance on the battlefield. They all say ‘don’t bother coming’. We couldn’t contribute anything at all even if we did insist on joining.”
“Before we were actually used as meatshields,” said another black catkin. “But that was in the past when slavery was still a thing. The Beast Lord quickly banned the practice once he freed all of us. We are grateful to him for that.”
“Yeah. So basically, outside of being a meatshield, we are useless in a fight.”

I was expecting that there would be at least one or two decent warriors among the black catkin living in the beastkin country. There’s a whole ton of them living here, after all. But looks like I was wrong. Rather, the exceptional black catkin seemed to be those that travelled outside the beastkin country like Fran’s parents or Kiara. The black catkin that live here are so cowardly that it’s almost kinda heartbreaking.

“Treated poorly?” asked Fran.
“Not really anymore. Before, when we were slaves, times were tough. But now that we are free, the other tribes don’t harm us directly anymore. But they still look down on us.”
“It’s not like we look down upon you,” chimed in the red dogkin leading the expedition. “You know how it is. Black catkin being weak is just a fact. Like how the sky is blue and the grass is green. Common sense says that it’s only natural for black catkin to be weak.”

Judging by his expression, he really doesn’t think anything malicious about the black catkin. It’s just that he grew up believing that the whole race was weak. The idea was probably reinforced by the fact that all the tribes except the black catkin were capable of evolution.

“But looking at you makes me feel like I should reconsider, ” said the red dogkin. “I can’t wait to see you in action.”

The guard seemed to acknowledge that black catkin did in fact have potential, but sadly, his opinion didn’t seem particularly widespread. Fran’s strength didn’t look like it would change everyone’s perception of the black catkin race as a whole.

15 minutes after departing from Schwartzekatze, we arrived at the area where the goblins were spotted. We found ourselves in a wilderness sparsely populated by trees. The soil in the area around the black catkin village was poor. It simply didn’t have enough nutrients to support a dense woodland.

“This place, huh,” remarked one of the black catkin.
“This place? Something wrong?” asked Fran.
“You see, there was a period of time that we wanted to cultivate crops and such around here,” he explained. “Since our race is weak, we didn’t have the manpower to deforest the entire area around the village. We could only cut down a few trees at a time and try to make do with a small area. When we found this clearing, we thought we would be able to build some big farms here, but it turned out that the soil was not fertile enough to grow anything.”

The black catkin around him looked sadly at the ground. He continued.

“There are more fertile lands a bit further north, but those places are too cold for us to bear. Also, they are infested with monsters.”
“Speaking of monsters, I see the goblins,” said the red dogkin.

Fran quickly ushered the group to hide behind a large boulder. We spotted the group of goblins marching southwards in a rocky area up ahead. They would definitely come across the village if they kept their current course. The goblins were equipped with iron armor and were holding metal weapons like swords and spears.

That’s odd. Goblins usually aren’t that well armed. Most of the time goblins wear loincloths and carry around sticks. At best they tend to have the leather armor that they would loot off adventurers every now and then. But the only time I’ve seen goblins wearing legit armor was back in Alessa during the Goblin Stampede. And even then, the only ones that had it were hobgoblins. Is there supposed to be a dungeon nearby or something?

“Those goblins are way too well armed,” said the red dogkin. “They must have stolen their equipment from a group of bandits or mercenaries.”
“Goblins too weak for that,” said Fran.
“No, not if the group was bigger. If the mercenaries or bandits were too severely outnumbered, the goblins probably could have done them in. It would make sense if that group over there is all that was left of what started off as a larger horde.”
“It should still be a cakewalk,” I told her telepathically. “These are just still normal goblins, and I am not detecting any reinforcements in the vicinity. Go wreck them.”
“Got it.”

Fran stepped out from behind the boulder and turned to the crowd of black catkin behind her.

“Going now. Will eliminate goblins. Watch me.”

The crowd stared at her nervously.

“Please don’t go!”
“Don’t abandon us!”
“Don’t worry,” said Fran. “Urushi staying here.”

Urushi popped out of Fran’s shadow and trotted over to the huddling villagers. Their faces relaxed when they saw that the big black wolf would be guarding them.

I’m glad that the villagers are no longer afraid of Urushi. They warmed up to him after seeing him being friendly and happily interacting with Fran.

“Will be quick,” said Fran.
“Please be safe!”
“W-We’ll be watching.”

Fran left the villagers and stealthily approached the goblins under the cover of the rocky terrain.

You should hold back a bit. You want to demonstrate your strength at an extent that the villagers can actually see it.”
“Nn. Awakening. Brilliant Lightning Rush!”

Black lightning bolts sizzled around Fran’s body. Her tail changed from solid black to black with gray stripes and stuck out like a lightning bolt. A cloud of dust to whipped up around her.

“What did I just say about holding back!?”
“Nn. Cooler this way. Will slowly demonstrate sword skills.”
“Alright then.”

Fran unsheathed me and slowly walked up to the goblins. The goblins noticed her and began eyeing her. Three of them approached her with swords drawn and their tongues hanging from their mouths. With three smooth strokes, Fran cut those goblins down. The remaining goblins, now seeing her as a threat, surrounded her with their weapons ready. Three more goblins lunged at her, but she stabbed the first through the chest after ducking under his blow, then spun around and beheaded the other two as they tried to attack her back. To the onlookers, she moved so effortlessly and gracefully that it looked like she was performing a dance.

“Welp. The goblin’s formation is already starting to collapse. Wait. Doesn’t that one on the ground look more nicely dressed than the others? You probably defeated their leader without even noticing.”
“Nn. Will use flashy magic now.”

While the goblin’s were caught between either fighting or fleeing, Fran fired Tri-Explosion towards the edge of the goblin’s formation. There was a great flash of light and one goblin was instantly vaporized. The two around him were blown a great distance away, their charred bodies tumbling on the rocky ground.

The remaining eleven goblins turned around and fled at full speed. But Fran was too quick for them.

“Stun Bolt. Stun Bolt. Stun Bolt.”

Fran paralyzed the leftover goblins by firing weak lightning magic at them. After the final goblin hit the ground, Fran inspected their convulsing bodies.

“You’re not going to kill them?”
“Nn. Will make others finish them off.”
“Oh nice idea! That’s a great way to give them some confidence and experience.”
“Nn,” she said smugly.
I think it’s safe now. You should go get them.”

As we walked back towards the group of huddling black catkin, I took one last look at the twitching goblins.

I hope that the black catkin have the guts to finish them off. Hopefully their feral and ferocious side hasn’t been completely extinguished.

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44 thoughts on “TSKD 284

  1. The potential in black catkins.

    Fran, if it would be possible… would you raise them the same way the certain rabbitkin tribe is raised in another novel? (minus the chuuni part)

    Liked by 14 people

  2. Really… something is odd… a group of 20 gob full armed with metal armor and weapons?…. its so silly that its makes me wonder they were prepared just so fran can kill a group of “armed monsters”…. its has much more impact than a regular group of goblins….. any other reason … no idea, doubt some idiot thought of arming a group of goblins to wipe out the black cat village

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    1. I’m suspicious. Could be that someone purposely armed them. Either directly (unlikely) or indirectly by sending weak mercenaries to the goblin’s territory (more likely).

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    2. yeah… there’s connection between the assassins that after fran and the perpetrator who armed the Goblins to attack the Black Cat tribe village.


  3. The black Carlin remind me of the rabbit beastmem from Arifureta, they were all wimps but suddenly become brutal, for example the strong black catkin (Fran and Kiara) are quite brutal (chopping tails ect)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Well, generations of slavery can do that to a culture and people. Fran and Kiara are the exceptions. Those rabbits had a culture to be soft like that, while the black cats were oppressed into this and thus it shouldn’t require such drastic training to change them into chuuni psychos (sociopaths?). At the very least, the kids should only need some training from hell Kiara style to get some backbone.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Fran and Kiara are, to put it simply, great danes or pitbulls, while the other black catkin seem to be chihuahuas or poodles.

        They were once wolves, but have now fallen to naught but disgraceful dogs… or something like that. Hopefully, they’ll get their bite back.


  4. I imagine what will be the apex achievement of Fran’s life would probably be slaying an S-class evil being/evil god avatar. I wonder if it would be that creature that is sealed in that continent that was made by that alchemist guy who was cursed with immortality until it is defeated? In any case, that is probably the most direct example of an evil being of that level, but maybe that other guy with ambitions to be eternally infamous will succeed in making one too? In any case, while it could be possible that Fran may be able to solo it, it would be better if she had the tribal backup (would need to be A at a minimum or S preferably) as it is allowed and it is that strong. In any case, it is a great enough achievement that she would at least live on forever in the hearts of the black cats and possibly others if she gets a skill named after her.


    1. i find it more likely that the target that makes her break the curse, if she ever dose so ofc, would be the berserker guy that became an evil human to become stronger who gained the power to absorb power from other evil beings.

      the sealed evil on the other continent should be left alone until it breaks out on its own
      after she already broken the curse if anything.

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      1. I doubt that evil being could ever get out as that seal was made through the efforts of several (if not all) of the gods. The only way it could get out is if it becomes so strong that not even the gods can stop it (or they didn’t do enough maintenance), which is difficult as that seal constrains its growth or if someone or some people are amazing (and evil/devious) enough that they fiddle with the seal itself (which also falls under the previous category of the gods not doing more regular maintenence, or perhaps some outside factor making their regular mainentenance not enough and needing more frequent kind).


  5. I find it hard for kiara leaving that village with not encouragement for them to improve. Not evolution but at least some fighting skills. It feels like she just built the village and forgot about them after


    1. It’s the beastlord that create that settlements not kiara.. and kiara is always unconscious to be able to train those coward she’s too old and unstable for that..

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    2. Kiara had that god blessing that basically gave her super stats so she couldn’t be a representation of what they could achieve as it was known she had the god blessing. They would just look at her and go well she had the god blessing is why she could do that and that they would never be able to do it. As long the skill share thing and Master stays secret Fran is a far better beacon of hope for the tribe.

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      1. It really is a stupid cycle, right. Like you said, they probably ignore Kiara as a role model since she has the God’s blessing, even though she only got the blessing because of training hard to become strong.


      2. Nothing to do with divine blessing. They consider that they are weak and that Kiara is simply the expection that proves the rule because this is what the beastkin kingdom has been telling them all their lives, for five centuries, with a lot of propaganda and eliminating all evidence on the contrary, whether it is the past of their tribe or the black catkins managing to become strong. Even if it has stopped, it is normal that they are unable to recover on their own. It is the indomitable will of Fran and Kiara which is exceptional.


    3. Solving the obvious problems without worrying about the rest is not altruism but complacency. And that’s what Kiara did. She ended slavery, then practically abandoned her people to their fate without wondering how they would fare next. The beastlord has become more aware of the problem since he has granted them land and a village.
      It may sound shocking, but Kiara is deeply selfish and thoughtless. She even went so far as to train the heir to the dynasty who persecuted his people simply because he treated her with respect, without wondering if this relationship would stay once he had inherited the throne (luckily for her, yes) or if it would not have been more beneficial for his tribe to kill him to end the Narashima lineage, rather than obtain a compromise or all is forgiveness and where the culprits and their descendants can keep the profits for their crime (the throne, the money from slavery, and the land that once belonged to the Black Catkins) in exchange for only the end of slavery and a tiny patch of poor land that no one wanted.
      Honestly, the beastlord and the blue catkins who persecuted the black catkins are better than her: they at least cared about their people and gained prosperity that the black catkins will never achieve.


  6. Thanks for the chapter.

    yep, unless it’s some other story, goblins are generally fodders for beginner adventurers.

    Hopefully, they’ll gain some backbone after this exercise

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  7. with the hired mercenaries outside the previous town, and the assassination attempt of the princess, maybe the goblins being well-equipped is all part of a larger conspiracy

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  8. Is it just me, or the red dogkin a little suspicious, since he is sure about how the goblins got the armor? Not saying he’s a traitor, but it might be a ploy to get those cowards some backbone, since even if you arm gobs with iron equipment, they are not really a threat to any decent fighter.
    “You should hold back a bit” “Nn. Awakening.” -a very Fran like moment.
    Thanks for the chapter, and dose of franium.

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  9. A pity all this, I love this novel along with that the girl who reborns like a spider; But anyway, thanks for the translation. Saudações BR ^^

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  10. And that’s how Fran started the power levelling of the black catkin tribe. Next time, manticores! Stay tuned.


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