TSKD 285

A Crash Course on Killing Goblins
Translator: SupremeTentacle
Editor: Exkalamity

We returned to the boulder where all the other beastkin were hiding. There, we found everyone was staring at us with stunned expressions on their faces.

“Everyone, over here,” said Fran.

The group obediently followed Fran. They began to murmur the moment they saw the many goblins that been strewn across the undergrowth.

“As expected of the Black Lightning Princess!”
“Man! Evolved black catkin are awesome!”
“Now I get why there is so much hype around evolving.”
The red dogkin guard approached Fran.
“I was right not to judge you like other black catkin,” he said. “You really do live up to your reputation.”

He kept his expression calm and composed, but his tail was wagging like mad and his eyes were burning with admiration. He was clearly just as excited and impressed as everyone else.

Suddenly a scream ripped through our surroundings.

“Aiieee! This one’s still alive”
“What? Oh no! That one is too!”
“We’re all gonna die!!”

The surrounding black catkin finally noticed that some of the goblins were still breathing. They all paled at the thought that they were casually standing around monsters that were still alive.

“Left alive for you,” said Fran. “Finish them.”
“Letting you kill,” repeated Fran.
“What!? Why?”

The black catkin responded with shock. Many even seemed devastated. It was almost as if they thought Fran had betrayed them.

“Goblins, evil beings. Kill for evolution. Also confidence, ” said Fran.

None of the black catkin responded. They all just continued staring at her in mute horror.

Well, they’ve probably never held weapons before, so they probably lack the mental strength to instantly kill something on command. The most they’ve probably done is hunt. They don’t have the strong, warrior-like mentality shared by Fran and most other beastkin.

“Quick,” chided Fran. “Paralysis running out.”
“O-Oh lord!”
“You three!” She pointed at three young black catkin at the edge of the group. “Do it.”

The three black catkin jumped back in surprise, almost dropping their weapons.

“No way! Hitting monsters is scary!.”
“I’ll d-do it tomorrow. I promise.”
“I’ve never held a weapon in my life! Please spare me!”
“No!” Fran took an intimidating step forward. “Do it. Now.”
“Paralysis wearing out.”
“A-Anything but that!”
“Y-Yes ma’am!” One of the young black catkin lurched forward towards the goblins. His fear had buckled under Fran’s intimidating glare.
“You two. Follow him,” said Fran.
“Oh god, why did it come to this?”
“W-We’ve got no choice but to do it.”

Goblins are the Evil God’s subordinates. If anything, it would be morally wrong not to kill them off. I’m sure these black catkin understand that. Their fear probably stems from the idea of raising a weapon and inflicting harm on another living being.

The three black catkin positioned themselves around of a single collapsed goblin. Each raised his weapon above his head and prepared to swing. Their faces were covered in sweat.

“Now swing!”

The three black catkin shut their eyes and brought their swords down. There was a clang as the swords bounced off the goblin’s armor. The goblin let out a painful screech. Hearing it caused the three black catkin to yelp and scramble back behind Fran.

What the hell! That attack was so weak! Forget about cutting down goblins. Holy shit, you can’t even till the earth with that kind of swing. Their fear is really hampering their abilities.

“Nn. Put hips into swing,” said Fran.
“Again. Use hips. Like this,” she said, swinging me a few times.
“Yes ma’am…”
“I can’t do this! I can’t take it anymore.”
“You gotta do it man. Come on! Don’t leave us hanging.”

Overpowered by Fran’s forceful aura, the three of them once again stood in front of a goblin, raised their swords, and swung them down. This time, they followed through with their entire body and also they actually aimed for the head and other exposed parts. It took them a good thirty seconds, but they eventually managed to kill it.

“How’s that?”
“Did we… do it…?”
“Nn. Good job. Goblin dead,” said Fran.
“Hell yeeaaaah!”

The three of them raised their hands and let out a cheer! They huddled together and started crying, their joy showing clearly on their faces.

Fran stepped in before they started getting out of hand.

“Bad. Getting cocky. Three attackers, one goblin. Still needed 10 swings.,” she pointed out. “And goblin immobile. Need one hit kill.”
“Urk… Y-Yeah, I guess…”
“Yeah…she’s right.”
“Damn. We were getting carried away…”
“But not bad for first time,” said Fran. “If train and choose skills, can be stronger than goblins.”
“Yes ma’am!” the three shouted in unison.

Fran’s becoming a pretty good teacher. She’s employing the carrot and the stick method very effectively, making the black catkin both fear and worship her.

“Next three,” said Fran.
“Y-Yes ma’am!”

The remaining black catkin all stepped up in groups of three and finished off one goblin each. Most of the later groups had already completed their mental preparations by the time they were called. They knew it was coming; they’d already watched their comrades perform the very same act. Few resisted as much as the first group. The black catkin began noisily chattering the moment the last goblin fell.

“The Black Lightning Princess says I gained a level!”
“Me too! Me too!”
“Aww… That’s not fair! She let you hit its head! All I did was smack its feet.”
“I’m gonna totally start training when I get back home!”
“You do that. I’m totally done with this. I can’t handle any more.”

Fran rounded up the villagers.

“Okay. No more monsters around. Returning to village,” said Fran.
“Okay, but what about the corpses?”
“Will hold onto them for now.”

Fran walked over and swiftly placed the corpses into my dimensional storage before turning around and leading the group back to the village.

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57 thoughts on “TSKD 285

    1. there are currently 516 chapters and a new one every 2 days you will have a decent amount of entertainment with this novel


      1. Now if only we had more skilled translators to release one every other day. This once a week thing is frustrating


    1. getting a title is actually really hard… who am I kidding this is the MC, BUT from just a litte instructing the most she will get is some instruction skill in the short term (she won‘t stay at the village for next 100 chapters and train them)


    1. The answer to your question is in just over 100 chapters from now, if I recall correctly.

      More importantly, since we’re discussing the future, a warning to all Franium addicts: Store up your Franium reserves, because around chapter 452 there’s a good period of about 10-11 chapters with NO FRANIUM AT ALL as Shisho goes off and does a bunch of stuff on his own due to reasons. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!


      1. Good teachers are more often than not good leaders as well. It’ll be something like Amanda. Eventually, her pupils will grow stronger and soon enough, she’ll have an army of former pupils who worship her. Much like Amanda’s army of orphans who became adventurers.


    1. Doubt it. She told them not to get cocky. Pretty sure she’s going to tell them that there’s stronger peoples out there to whom she has lost…


  1. Thanks for the chapter 😀

    I wonder what all this is gonna lead to, the assassins and armed goblins, like others here i think its gonna go deeper, maybe blue cats or some old nobles behind it all, Beast Lord gonna have to give a medal or something to Fran :V
    either that or its someone trying to give the Black Catkin’s a push on the back by showing what an evolved Black catkin can do? hum..


  2. Fran the spartan trainer, of a few words. Short chappy but awesome Fran time. So the short time as an instructor on the ship was a prelude for the black cat village arc.
    Thanks for the chapter


    1. Spartan? She just let them kill not moving targets? what spartan training? if she ordered to go 1v1 against normal goblin thats what i would call spartan 😀


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    Will Fran now do a bit more of power levelling or just leave and let them be? Will someone be gung-ho about it and turn make the new Haulia?

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  4. I know they’re Evil Beings and deserve to die, but man, it sure sucks to be the Teaching-Lesson-Goblin. I guess they should have fought and died instantly instead of trying to run away.

    OK, kids, for this lesson, we will be practicing our crotch stabs on this paralyzed goblin – everybody gather around and stab it in the crotch a couple times each….


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