TSKD 287

Ms. Fran’s Magic Course

The banquet had evidently exhausted Fran quite a bit. She got out of bed a good bit later than usual the next day. There wasn’t anything in particular for her to do, so she started wandering around the village after eating her fill.

Everyone Fran passed bowed to her. The action was a clear indication of their reverence. This respect was most obvious in the older folk, as many even took to their knees the moment they laid eyes on her.

“It sure is quiet around here.”
“Nn. Just fields, nothing else.”

Schwartzekatze was a farming village. The many black catkin that lived here spent their days tilling the fields. Only a select few were hunters; most of the village’s meat came from peddlers and travelling merchants. And since the village was poor, it couldn’t afford to buy much, so most of its members basically ended up being herbivores.

The younglings were especially thin and frail. Their frames were so lacking in meat that I was worried whether they would actually be capable of living on given how infertile the surrounding land was. It didn’t look to me like they were capable of lasting.

Most of the older black catkin had lived through the previous Beastlord’s reign. Though they were still cowardly, they’d known that they were going to be used as decoys and meatshields, so they’d at least built up their muscle mass and whatnot. They were unlike the youngsters, that’d known that they’d never need to step on the battlefield. That, combined with the fact that they thought they were weak, had totally robbed them of the will to strengthen themselves.

That was why they’d spent their lives slowly tilling away at the fields. And that was why they’d never learned ambition. None of them had ever considered trying to evolve prior to Fran’s advent.

Those that did want to evolve needed to kill a thousand evil beings. But of course, that wasn’t the only restriction, it was merely the one placed upon them as punishment. They still needed to hit level 45 before they could actually awaken. And the way I saw it, none of the tribes members had possessed the conviction to go through that much combat.

Despite that, Fran wasn’t worried, and for good reason. Unlike me, she’d known of the issue from the start. I was sure that she not only thought about it, but also came to the conclusion that it was impossible for the tribe’s attitude to take a sudden 180. It seemed that she didn’t expect any other black catkin to evolve within the next few years. It was possible that it’d even take several decades for one to fulfill all the necessary conditions.

“Want to do one thing.”
“Want to teach magic training method.”
“Makes sense.”

All one needed to do to evolve was kill a thousand evil beings and cap out their level. But all that would do was turn one into a Black Tigerkin. To become Black Heavenly Tigerkin, it was necessary to not only learn lightning magic, but also boost one’s MGC and AGI stats. Grinding out stats wasn’t too hard. All you had to do was work stat specific training segments into your routine, and you’d more or less be home free. Lightning magic, however, was much more difficult to obtain. Casting lightning magic required not just an affinity for the element, but also a high level in both fire and wind magic. It would be very unlikely for another Black Heavenly Tigerkin to pop up unless the Black Cat Tribe trained its younger members in the art of magecraft. Fran knew that leaving behind the techniques required for such an act would benefit her species greatly.

“Yeah, I don’t see why not. Go for it.”

Amanda had taught us everything we needed to know about magic-oriented training. I was confident we would be able to pass that knowledge on so long as we bundled it with a few hands-on examples. And so, Fran began to search for the village’s chief. The village was fairly small, so it didn’t take long for her to catch sight of him discussing something with a bunch of the tribe’s younger members, a serious expression decorating his face all the while.

“Chief. Morning.”
“Good morning, Black Lightning Princess.”
“Something wrong?”
“Everything’s just fine, thank you. A few of the youngsters had said they wanted to start training, so they came to me for advice, and we were talking it through.”

The youngers in question were ones whose faces I recognized. They were members of the group that’d joined Fran on her goblin-slaying expedition.

“W-We want to get strong!” one said.
“I don’t know whether I’ll actually ever manage to evolve, but I want to try. I’m sick of just running away,” claimed another.
“As for me, I’d just like to get strong enough to at least protect myself and everyone else around me,” added a third.

It looks like Fran really did succeed in influencing them.

Hearing their opinions led my cat eared companion to contently nod before opening her mouth to speak.

“Got it. Good timing. Had idea.”
“I might be pushing our luck here, but are you perhaps willing to train them?” asked the chief.
“Kind of? Will teach how to learn magic.”
“How wonderful!”

The Black Cat Tribe as a whole had long forgotten the techniques required to awaken one’s magical talents. And because of that, its members thought that gaining the ability to cast magic would be akin to living a dream.

“I-Is it really possible for us to learn magic?” asked the chief.
“Probably. Not all will have affinity.”
“Yes, but some will, right?”
“Nn. Wind and fire probably common.”

Lightning magic was effectively the black cat tribe’s speciality, so it only made sense for many of their members to have an affinity for fire and wind.

“Anyone already can use magic?” asked Fran.

If such a person existed, then we could make the task easier on ourselves by turning them into the village’s mage instructor. Unfortunately, it seemed we’d gotten our hopes up. The chief had responded by telling us that there was simply no way a village as rural as Schwartzekatze would be home to a magic caster. Mages were in high demand all over. There was no reason for anyone with that much talent to stay an area surrounded by nothing but infertile land.

“Ok. Then gather villagers.”
“R-Right away! I’ll grab everyone available!”

Fran tried to tell the chief that there wasn’t any issue in waiting until the villagers were done with the day’s work, but he ran off before she could.

It only took ten minutes for him to return. He’d ended up gathering almost 200 black catkin. They were gathered and seated around Fran, their eyes full of hope and anticipation. Every single last one of the villagers was present, save for those that absolutely couldn’t leave their posts.

“Will teach how to train magic,” said Fran, nonchalantly.
“Yes ma’am!” Most of the black catkin replied at once. Their voices thundered throughout the village at a volume I’d never imagined possible from a group as timid as they were.
“Fire first.”

And so, Fran’s lecture began. Its contents pretty much mirrored what Amanda had told her when she was just starting out. She told them to work with fire and flame on a daily basis, to stare at it, approach it, and even touch it while resolving oneself to be burnt. She explained to the tribe’s members that they needed to accustom themselves with fire to the extent of seeing it in their dreams if they wished to cast fire magic.

Hearing her explanation had caused the entire black cat tribe to go silent.

I guess the training must’ve sounded too harsh and fanatical.

The only one to speak was the chief.

“A-And doing that will allow us to learn how to cast fire magic?”
“Nn. If affinity.”
“Understood. I’ll prepare a place for our tribe’s members to train immediately.”

I’d thought that Fran would have to give a bit more insight into the theory for the tribe’s members to actually believe her, but I was wrong. They’d all easily been convinced. They didn’t worry about whether or not they would actually be able to tolerate the training. Nor did they concern themselves with its effectiveness. They simply took in every word she said and believed her.

“Next, wind.”

Fran continued explaining everything away in her usual tone. The tribe was getting riled up despite the fact that she herself didn’t sound particularly excited or enthusiastic. They continued listening to her until her lecture came to an end, their eyes filled with a fiery passion throughout.

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  1. Next earth, you gotta dig a hole, many holes and then bury half of yourself in it. Water you gotta drink 8 gallons an hour, darkness you gotta Wear dark clothes and come up with a chuunibyo name for yourself.

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  2. Huuuuuhhhh, i don’t quite remember the method for wind for WN but in the manga the elf said to be naked and feel the wind. The question is: now that MC said the same stuff, isn’t it strange that no one was bothered by this method ? They look like “Okay, seems good”.

    Also kinda too optimist, they need train like mad but there is only low chance to awaken magic power.
    Also i kinda fear the future of the village, i mean come on ! only infertile land around wth beast-man king ! How the fuck can they survive like that ?! You sure he is just not hidding the fact he too don’t want to be dethroned by black cat-kin ?

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    1. In the WN, Amanda said the same thing. Expect the MC didn’t have a nosebleed, and said it’s only because he’s made of metal and doesn’t have blood.

      Yes, it’s easy to see why this method would get people (like the black catkin village) excited.


    2. It’s also possible he’s helping them the Spartan way. Handing them everything on a silver platter is a nice apology for the past mistreatment, but it’s not going to teach them how to survive on their own and would be unnecessarily expensive for the kingdom as well in the long run.
      It might be better to throw them to the wolves with the bare necessities so that they don’t suffer too much (die) and let them come out stronger for it, not dependent on other’s help.

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    3. Why would they be bothered or even question when the only evolved black catkin in the world is there like “Do this, this works, I’m the result.”, even when it isn’t what she did, but they can’t possibly know about that.

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    4. BK was doing them a favor – areas with fertile land attract lots of monsters, monsters gotta eat too. Less fertile = fewer monsters = safer but harder to grow food. It’s a compromise, but not getting eaten/killed was more important. They mentioned somewhere land further north was more fertile but had too many monsters. Hopefully once they level up a bit they can move to the more fertile area. If they don’t starve first.

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    5. You should also consider the other tribes here. The current Beast Lord already made a complete u-turn by freeing all the black catkins. Gifting them fertile land on top of that, which they can’t even protect themselves, would potentially lead to dissatisfaction among other tribes. Open discrimination and slavery are forbidden, but they are still considered as extremely weak. The last chapters proved this to be a fact and not only hearsay. So letting them inhabit a slightly infertile land nobody else wants is a good idea. It’s not like there isn’t growing anything. In that village they can slowly and undisturbed become familiar with their regained freedom and build up their tribe again. I guess even sending instructors for magic/fighting would not be particularly promising, given their own attitude. Only Kiara could have been send, but her health didn’t allow her to (and she is far too valuable for sending her to a backwater village). So Fran came in quite handy.

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    1. Considering her blunt and direct manner of communication and knowing that every black cat must/should have affinity for wind, fire & lightning…

      she sure did ^^


    2. Village full of exhibitionist catgirls suddenly becomes a popular tourist spot…for reasons….
      Economic boom from tourism industry solves their money/food problems.
      It’s win-win!

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    1. I had a discussion with Tentacle about the name and I suggested “Schwartzkatz”, so I guess this is where the T is from


  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    From what I remember about wind magic training, the best way is running naked right? Will there be a Black Catkin nudist village in the future?

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  4. Thanks for the chapter,

    TBH, it’s better for them to thrive to be Black Tiger as opposed to Black Heavenly Tiger, The requirement is less strict but the boost would still raise their efficiency in battle to not lose against other evolved beastkins


  5. I’m quite sure there are other ways to train in wind element magic, beside running naked in windy areas. Just that, probably that is the most effective way. Still, considering the village, it’s gonna be a case of crazy nudists spotted running around.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  6. Great… Next when the beast lord arrives to monitor the village, he will witness either pyromaniacs, either exhibitionists or strenght training maniacs (at least no douchebags, they have low agi stats anyway)

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  7. “didn’t expect any other black catkin to evolve within the next few years”
    I assume that means no other black catkin *except Kiara*, who almost certainly went out and began killing as many evil beings as possible right after Fran left, and was probably already close to the 1000 anyway. Don’t recall if her stats were good enough for the Heavenly evolution, but probably were.

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  8. Hm… so farmers don’t build up muscles from their work…
    Somehow I feel that’s total BS! Has the author ever tried to weed the plants or to dig a hole in the ground? If that’s easy and doesn’t require muscles or stamina – I don’t know what does!
    Also the village not having meat is total BS too! There are loads of animals that can find food even in the infertile places! It’s not like their place is a complete desert! There is grass and bugs so both cows and hens can survive here!


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